Dec 18, 2010

and he did...



Dec 16, 2010

happy birthday VSK


i wish
i could rewind back everything

i wish
i could have just kept it to myself

i wish
it all never happened

i wish
i could turn back time

i wish
i could just ignore everything

i wish
i could just move on

i wish
i never felt anything from the beginning

i wish
you to be here with me

i wish
to be in your arms

i wish
for you to wish me
"happy birthday ma"

i wish
you well

i wish
you, your happiness

i wish
so that you'll be fine

i wish
i have never let you go

i wish
i could just wash it all away

i wish you get your happiness
somewhere... somehow... someday...

Dec 10, 2010

im happier....


but sometimes... im still in tears...
why is that..?

Dec 9, 2010

bloody bitch!


some people are very very very rude
and they only care their feelings
if u wanna be bad mood. then be it.
u dont have to show ur stupid moody fucking faces around
stay in the box forever and ever for all i care
fuck u la.

Dec 1, 2010

note 50


i miss u
i never miss anyone that bad
it is draining me
its making me weak
im about to do something crazy

i got worried...


so worried when i heard you're sick..
honestly.. i feel like running to you right away..
and do the things i used to do...

i bathed you when you were helpless..
i fed you when you were so weak..
i massaged you when you were in pain..
i kissed you when you cried..
i hugged you when you sad..
i held your hand when you feel soooo alone...
i tapped you to sleep when you couldn't sleep..
just like a baby to me...
cos deep down... you are...

and the greatest thing ever...
i love you still

so how can i not worry about you eh...

it hurts me when you're sick..
it hurts me when you're sad..
it hurts me when you're crying..
it hurts me when you're not happy..
it hurts me when you're got hurt..

so please pleaseeeee take care of yourself...
pleaseeeee God... help me...