Nov 21, 2010

Share my life

Makes any difference,
I still love you girl

You’re my weakness,
you change my world

Share my life

Trust in me
You’re all I want
Everything I need, Ooo Baby

Makes any difference,
I give you all my heart

Girl my sunsets,
anywhere you are

Baby I’m a dreamer,
you’re still my queen

Your loves like a river girl,
its running right through me

Share my Life, Hey Girl
You can trust in me, Baby
You’re all I want, Hey Girl
You’re everything I need, Hey Babe

You’re my dream and my joy
My heart belongs to you
So I sat down one day
and I wrote this song
‘cause I need you in my world

Share my life baby, Hey girl
You can trust in me girl, Baby
You’re all I want, Baby, Baby
You’re everything I need, Yeah
I really mean it baby, Hey girl

I’ll give you what you want baby, baby hey
If you want it,
you can have it,
baby it’s yours

Listen, I want you right here in my world ,
here in my life, here in my soul

I want the world to know that I need ya,
baby I believe ya, girl

I’ll never deceive you
Share my life Baby