Oct 17, 2010


hi B
how are you?
how's work?
how's your wrist?
have you been eating well?
can u sleep at night?
have you lose weight?
you ok?
tell me... tell me...
you be careful ok
make sure you have enough of rest
don't push yourself ok
take it easy
don't worry everything is gonna be fine
you're gonna be fine
i'm gonna be fine

*17101999 - 17102010
i will always love you. with all my heart


NanC on October 18, 2010 at 10:21 AM said...

hmmmmm dunno whether to congratulate u or to.... kesian u.
Inda bah, I know Im happy for you, n your keberanian :-)
you know u deserves to BEST,kan?

head up girl.

vsk said...