Oct 30, 2010

goodbye my friend

when i got up this morning. first call of the day just made my whole day such a devastating one.

a very close friend of mine died yesterday morning in a bike accident on his way back to KL from Betong, Thailand. i kept repeating his name and trying to really really LISTEN to what my friend is telling me. somehow waiting for him to start laughing or giggle... but.... who joke about death huh..

we were very close that i was with him every single day. Doing our best to finish his house. I was the designer for his house. every single thing my opinion is important. very important. he rather hold on to everything else and wait for me to view first. just to see if i like it or not. every single thing in the house. we did together. every decision. hmmm... we laughed. we had fun together. i've learned alot from him cos he was one super detail person. the omfg detail person. yup.

he was a very gentle person. to me at least. never once he raises his voice to me. but to the other contractors. yeah... every single day. even to his brother. he was a very kind hearted man. he advised me what is life all about. how to make money. what is money all about. riding. diving. traveling. men. relationship. friendship. bikes. cars. fun. we talked about every single thing. he always said this to me.

"vanessa. you don't look for money. money will look for you."
(specialize one thing you're really really good at. something that you really really love to do. and when you have mastered it. the world will come to you cos you're so good at it. =) )

yeah. hmmppfft.. it's easier for him to say cos he's a millionaire! hmmm..... at least he finished his 'piece' (the house) for his wife and his 2kids. he's been thru alot. from hard to easy life. he achieved his dreams. retired young and enjoy life. he did all that. but only for few years. 5years? hmmm...

i will never forget the things we did together. the time we spent together.

hmmm... i am so gonna miss that old man.

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B. i beg you. don't ride anymore.
don't get the bike.
don't ride madly.
don't drive madly.

i'm worried about you. how are you?
i miss you sometimes.
never a day i never thought of you.

please please please be careful.
please... i beg you.

i beg you please...
i don't know how to live if there's anything happen to you.
love you pa.