Jul 23, 2010

still breathing...

hmmm... what am i gonna do? i've been thinking of this question for a very long time. very long time. sadly i still don't know. i'm not sure what i'm gonna do. what should i do? see. no idea. dammit. it's been haunting me for a long time and it is still haunting me like nobody business. i keep on having this heavy breathing. i'm sure you know what i'm talking about. heavy breathing. where you keep taking a very deep breath and when you let go, somehow you feel a lil' bit better. but of course it comes back to square one after a sec.

i'm not sure what you doing to me but i'm prepared. i think. this is it. i've been wondering and wondering and wondering. so now. i just have to deal with it. now or never.

you think i can pull myself together? i'm not sure. we will see. i'll let you know when i'm done with the design.