Nov 3, 2009

hollywood job

Dream Job

Ng Chun Seong has helped to make some of Hollywood’s recent major productions look bigger, better and impossibly spectacular.

THE next time you watch a Hollywood blockbuster, pay attention to the dazzling special effects because they may be created by a Malaysian.

Ng Chun Seong, 25, has lent his expertise to blockbuster films such as Wanted, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, The Incredible Hulk, and the upcoming 2012.

With his computer, he made a city for the Hulk to destroy, created a menacing alien in Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem, and then there’s that cool scene in Wanted where James McAvoy has to grab a fast-moving spindle in a loom with his bare hands.…

The Kuala Lumpur-born Ng, who is based in the United States, had always wanted to be involved in movie special effects, especially after watching CGI-rich films like Jurassic Park in his youth.

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- you know where he studied before go to U.S and then to L.A and then to Hollywood..? One Academy only..sini Bandar Sunway... I was from there too.... =( and I have the same dream... to work in Hollywood.. but his one is animation job.. mine the set up job... i've always dreamed of that actually... but... i guess.. I didn't go for it.. haiih.... oh well... its good to know that he actually got it.. his dream job.. and mine too... now at least I know.. my dream of working in hollywood is not bullshit.. it can be real... like this fella... so soooo happy for him...

ps.. ohh I dunno who is this guy.. dunno hensem or not.. but I bet all his work are real fantastic.. U see la what film.. the latest one coming out soon.. 2012... we wait and see la..
sure good one.. since Benjamin Button also his...