Oct 22, 2009

True Happiness...

money can buy a certain degree of happiness; you can get a decent meal, pay your household bills, wear your favourite clothes or have a great day out.

Likewise, a hungry, homeless person living on the streets can hardly be happy if he doesn’t have even a single quid to buy a sandwich to fill his stomach.

Simply put, money can buy something that may put a smile on your face or let you do the things you love to do.

Of course, there’s a distinct difference between materialistic and true happiness – the latter coming from within and depending on how you perceive it. But then again, money may not make you completely happy, as you’ll probably be surrounded by fair-weather friends who are simply eyeing your wealth.

In fact, there’re plenty of miserable rich people out there – celebrities, film stars and footballers as financial stability does not necessarily guarantee happiness.

Just as you can be alone but not lonely, the richest people in the world are sometimes unhappy, while the poorest the happiest.

For many, true happiness is being in the company of their loved ones or with genuine friends. After all, this is one commodity that cannot be bought or sold.

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so... are you happy? or miserable?