Oct 21, 2009

my tuesday

12am - 4am
doing 3D for Modern Classic design
(I dunno why this client want classic classic..)

830am - 1230pm
meeting w contractors

2pm - 4pm
sort out material.. meeting w suppliers for pricing

4pm - 7pm
continue w 3D drawings

7pm - 8pm

830pm - 130am
finish up 3D drawings then continue w quotation for tomorrow meeting..

and now.. 220am.. I am still here.. trying to blog something before I hit the shower..
at least something la..

sia sedang mengomplain diri sendiri ba ni..
I don't understand why I do this to myself..
but I'm not giving up.. telling myself have faith..
and pray..

later I will pray.. pray so that I won't be soooooooooo exhausted!