Oct 24, 2009

i didn't forget..

happy belated birthday to adorable innocent & naughty boy

and that's Joshua..

i miss him sooo much i dunno how to describe my feelings right now..
i wanted to call him to wish him but i got sooo occupied with work
cos i was sooo rushing all the way... which i'm kinda fed up with it..
cos even saturday and SUNDAY they just have to make some kind of
promises to submit this and that.. which is almost impossible..
but its possible la....
hmm... forget abt work..
im out of topic already...

if only i have enough of vitamin m to get myself back home right now..
i wanna be there with them and surprise them..
they'll be for sure sooooo happy & excited!!..
they'd be like..

"hi aunty yok..." and smile smile.. and then smile smile again...
and then start la all the normal nonsense..

well.. i can just give them a call tomorrow and make sure they don't forget me!
love them unconditionally
no doubt abt that..

these kind of things that i always hate myself whenever i think about it..
taking things for granted.. being so-called 'busy'
until i don't find time to just call my loved ones..
always wanted to do something nice.. but never actually do it..
always wanted to say something nice just to make them smile.. even for few seconds..
haiih... i always ask myself and tell myself off from time to time..
"why the hell am i here and not there for them/her/him.."
(it can be anybody..)
for example.. daddy.. mummy.. sisters.. brothers.. cousins.. friends..
everybody are not getting any younger you see.. so..
I feel like i'm not spending enough time with them..
why am i here? for what? why am i not at home?
why am i so far away from home?

see.. im out of topic already..
basically i miss home.. i miss everyone there..
where everyone knows everyone..
what's next actually?
what is what actually?

you see.. this is what you get when i'm blogging..
that's what in my head right now.. and actually for the past few weeks..
thinking what is what..
you must be wondering right now what actually i'm talking about right..
well.. like what i said before..
you don't have to get me.. if you get me.. then good la.. if you don't.. then f. it.. =)

oh yeah.. i called up daddy today..

"hi dad.. how are you?"
"hi yok.. im ok.. kau macamana sana?"
"im ok.. surviving i guess.."
"ohh.. ok... kau tidak balik?"
"i dunno.. i wish to.. i will when i can ok.."
"so.. how's everything there?"
"ok.. everyone is ok.."
"ohh.. i see.. well.. im just calling to say hi.. i miss you.. that's all.."
"ohh ok.. yeah.. miss you all too.."
"well.. dont worry about that cos SK and CK are going home next weekend..
so.. you'll get to see them messing around the house.. (hehe) "
"ohh.. next weekend..? ohh ok.. how about you and MK.."
"naah.. i can't and i dunno about MK.. well.. who knows right.. i might be there too.. i dunno.."
"ohh.. ok.."
"ok la.. ill call you some other time ok.. i gotta go.."
"ok.. byee.. love you.."
"ok.. love you too.."

so.. that is that... me borak kosong w my daddy..
and it really made my day and i miss home..

bah ok la.. ciao cin ciao peeps..