Oct 28, 2009

Couple wed – 20 years after death

A MAN and woman who died in a car accident 20 years ago “tied the knot” in an afterworld wedding ceremony, reported Sin Chew Daily.

Zhang Yun Hu was just 18 and Li Jia Mei was 20 when they died in a car accident some 20km away from Gua Musang two decades ago.

Zhang’s mother, Huang Ya Yi, was reported as saying that five years ago, she dreamt of her son telling her that he had married Li and they had two children in the afterworld.

“At one point, the mother fell ill and the family later found out through a medium that the couple wanted the family to organise a wedding for them,” the daily reported.

Huang recovered from her illness after her family discussed wedding plans with Li’s family.

lil bit creepy but.. romantic juga kan..