Aug 3, 2009

simply blog..

i miss home...
so much...

it's so quiet here..
what would happen if I just scream right now?
why do we have to grow old?
why can't we all stay the same?
why is it so hard?
why do people take things for granted?

i went to see her last week.. she looks good..
i asked her "are you alone?"
and she said "yeah.. i'm alone.. he's no longer here.."
hmmm... she's so right.. he's no longer there..
usually he'll be at the corner observing everyone..

someone said "she must be thinking she's all alone in the world"

hmm.. i don't know what to say here...

she said
"today is your day.. tomorrow is my day.."

i guess so..

she said
" just leave it up to Him... take it as your luck and forgive them.. let Him deal with them"

i have to repeat myself this statement.. then i can breathe easily.. literally..

she said..
" you have to make both side guilty... it works.. "

i guess so..

bah okla.. i know U don't understand..

well.. U don't have to actually...