May 7, 2009

don't plan..

seriously.. i have nothing to blog about.. no drama these days.. OMG
the recent 'drama' i had was last weekend with some of the 'enam jahanam' (6BFFs).. actually come to think of it.. there are more than six of us.. i'm not sure why six.. but if we call it 'tujuh jahanam' or 'lapan jahanam'.. it doesn't sound right.. right?

so, anyway.. i made that call for last weekend.. i didn't even tell anyone about it till the night before..

"ohh.. tomorrow we're going to the curve to meet JC.."

but even that.. it was just a 'plan'.. you see planning never go right with me.. sometimes it does.. but most of the time.. it's just a 'plan'.. heee..

let me tell you what i really mean here..

last weekend supposed to be one of the 'happening' weekend.. at least for me la.. cos i'm kinda 'line very clear' right now since he's gone to deep sea.. LOL (die la me if he ever read this..)

first, msn JC to go for a drink and at first she thought i meant clubbing.. ah! yeah right.. told her just coffee with the kutz and lim and she suggested the curve.. caaaan la.. since i made that call.. ok la.. but we didn't confirm the time.. we both just said.. "anytime".. so.. there's a possibility last minute rain check..

the next day.. all got up late.. as usual.. nothing new there but it's public holiday, so SK and CK were home. CK suggested to go to Subang Parade.. sales gila she said.. but naah.. this time we go to the curve.. got ZARA sales!! wah wah wah... plus JC will be there! so.. bersemangat la!!

one by one ready... from 1130am to 130pm.. all were set but still sitting down watching E.DeGeneres & still not confirm 'yet' whether we're going to the curve or subang parade... orrrrr just somewhere nearby.. so I text JC..

"where you?"
"the curve"
"ok. we're coming"

and that's the time the 'coffee plan' confirmed!! LOL.. aaaand not yet finish!! theeeen only i text CLim2..

"where you? lets go to the curve for coffee... like now... get ready!.."
"ok.. 30min"
"see you there in 25"

hahaha... see... hehehe... hmm... ok.. about the later part.. OMG!! the jam... the parking.. the crowd... eeeeeee boiling boiling boiling!! for now, lets just scrap that..

other than the 'coffee plan'.. we had sooo much other interesting plans..

eSKay suggested to go to the Kaamatan in PWTC.. told everyone about it and we even 'planned' to bring along the tuhau for an exchange with 'free tickets'.. (but actually ticket RM5 only.. i think so..) hahaha nooo la.. just kidding with the tuhau & the free tickets.. yeah right!!..

it's like EVERY YEAR this question will pop up..

"wanna go to the kaamatan in KL?"
"ermm.. who will be there?"
"ermm.. can also.. what do we do?"
"dunno.. see people.. see the unduk ngadau.."
"and then..?"
"and then... eat maybe..? or drink...? semua sabahan juga ba tu.."
"ooo... can can.. "

and then come next day..

"OMG.. we missed the kaamatan.. dammit!!"

hehehe... EVERY YEAR!! for almost 11yrs i'm in KL.. never been to any kaamatan in KL.. at least my sis did.. few times.. i think..

and then.. other than the Kaamatan.. we 'planned' to go HRC too! we were soooo into it until we 'planned' to wear dress for that!! (me la.. the rest like.. "ahhh!! dress!!!??") imagine! that's bcos we're at the curve.. tried out some dresses la.. wah wah wah.. sannntik i tell you..

since JC's niece is seventeen.. so we 'planned' to have dinner then stay until.. haiyaa.. you know i know la.. once go out after dinning time have to check ID already kan.. hmm...

all were set!!

"tomorrow ah.. don't be late.."

yeah right!!! the next day... got up dunno what time.. all face like 'tidak bermaya'.. one of us just have to say it out loud.. "so lazy la"

hmm... came evening.. received text from JC..

"hey.. tonight rain check ah.. next time.."

LOL!! hahaha.. there goes the plannnssss

ohhh another one... eSKay & CLim2 'planned' to collect passport that morning... got cancelled too.. (no bali for you then you know!)

hihihi... gee.. what a 'planner' right!? *roll eyes

ok la.. too long already..

ciao cin ciao!

ps: i hope Danny Gokey will be out.. but i feel Kris will be out.. what do you think?


eSKay on May 7, 2009 at 9:02 AM said...

there was no plan abt the passport la.. its 1st saturday.. so of course kenot one.. btw.. ive collected it without troubling anybody..

so... bali is still on.

when I plan.. i always make sure jadik one.

kaamatan i cancelled coz i chose HRC.. unfortunately.. someone cancelled HRC..

bZbee on May 7, 2009 at 1:47 PM said...

sengsara la i read your blog nie....i could just imagine you repeating the whole scenario in front of me....hahahaha

vsk said...

hahaha... sengsara lagi tu.. cis.. yeah.. you can imagine my expression and my hands going everywhere tu kan.. muahahahha.. yeah.. like that la..

eSKay: ooo.. already got passport.. wahh... bali! bali! bali!