May 9, 2009

"best not-wedding day ever.." says Meredith..

"You never know the biggest day of your life
is the biggest day.

Not until it's happening.
You don't recognize the biggest day of your life,
not until you're right in the middle of it.
The day you commit to something or someone.
The day you get your heart broken.
The day you meet your soul mate.
The day you realize there's not enough time,
because you wanna live forever.
Those are the biggest days.
The perfect days."
- izzy stevens

"Today's the day my life begins.
All my life I've been just me. Just a smart mouth kid.
Today I become a man.
Today I become a husband.
Today I become accountable to someone other than myself.
Today I become accountable to you.
To our future.
To all the possibilities that a marriage has to offer.
Together, no matter what happens, I'll be ready.
For anything. For everything.
To take on life, to take on love.
To take on possibility and responsibility.
Today Izzie Stevens, our life together begins.
And I for one can't wait."
- alex kerev


angelicbug on May 11, 2009 at 4:29 PM said...

OMG york! you made me cry.
me in the office lagi tu.
i had to pause so many times in between ni so i wont start sobbing.

i so heart alex karev.
i want one too!

vsk said...

hihihi.. told you.. cry to glory my friend... ni baru clips... cuba the whole ep. die la like that... lol...

watched twice... my eyes bengkak bengkak i tell you...