Mar 29, 2009


what's up with you yesterday? last night?

well.. as for me..

msMini got a 'job' yesterday.. wait... the WHOLE DAY from 9am to 7pm.. where I, the co-owner kinda 'stuck' at Putrajaya with a team of this some kind of production company.. whatever you call it.. at first, I was kinda excited with it.. never seen this kinda thing before.. the day before, I went to so many car wash but what's the point if its raining ALL DAY! haiyaa... but I didn't give up. Finally found one at midnight! yup, washed car at midnight.. hmm... thanks to eSKay for accompanied me.. msMini is looking good.. =)

that... didn't stop there... so, got up eaaaarly morning.. like 8am.. on SATURDAY?? =D not complaining.. spent some times with her, msMini.. enjoyed driving around Putrajaya with a pleasant scenery.. smoke away while listening to some R&B songs... alone... hmm.. nothing to shout about.. bla bla bla... gosh, it's like a 'ghost town' there u know... only thing everything is still almost NEW..

so here some blurred snaps.. what else can I do there right.. hmm...

"action!" "cut!" "action!" "cut!" "action!" "cut!" "action!" "cut!"

on and on and on for the very f-ing same thing was really pushing my limit.. I almost almoooost tell them off..


but... i didn't.. still smiling... and smiling... and smiling...

wokey.... 7pm plus plus.. leaving the place with a bigger smile.. and telling myself..


unless... unless the owner do it himself... =P

1hr later, reached S.Pyramid and that's around 8pm.. Arrios that is... eSKay waited for ages there but with another free cup of cafe latte with extra extra ice.... no complain.. =D and then I bottoms-up my dinner and off back home before it hits 830pm.. we didn't want to be there all in darkness.. I'm not sure why exactly.. but we just wanted to be home. that's all...

so.. here the snaps..

some "earth hour" hardcore supporter... LOL

yup. just for an hour, we couldn't login to nuffnang.. but it's not the end of the world.. duhh... there you see.. she's checking out youtube instead.. lol

no candle.. so torchlight pun torchlight la.. at least we're better than the opposite neighbour.. so no respect oneee...

*evil eyes to them... =P

I was sweating half way thru.. then I realized..

"Just the lights la SK... can U pleaseeee on the fan!!"

and then we called up all the kutz clan... hmmm all cannot pakai... mum & the Georgies in relative's with no feelings for 'earth hour' having makan makan.. and then JK & co shopping in S.Pyramid.. only exterior lights off. So.. they continued with their shopping I guess and then LL is somewhere out there at friend's light up just one candle.. then ok la.. at least he's into it.. hehe..

orait.. it's starting to rain already.. so i better go now..

ergh.. tomorrow Monday already???


eSKay on March 29, 2009 at 11:15 PM said...

that one not youtube la.. that was me checking out my blog trying to think of a topic.. haha

vsk on March 30, 2009 at 1:29 AM said...

ohhh ya kan... hihihi....macam youtube pula..