Mar 19, 2009

a lil bit occupied yesterday

so he left some of his left-over plans to me... yesterday i did my best to clear out one of the list-to-do... not a big a deal actually. just drove the mini to the workshop for small repairs... =D sounds like sooooo busy kan.. but naah.. just drive around only..

sunway - puchong - sunway.. hmmm....

and then a very close friend came by and brought me to his new semi-bungalow in Seremban.. hmm... nice crib i must say but Seremban? too far for me.. so.. being his neighbor is sooo out of our option.. i can't imagine myself being in Seremban and being away from my sisters here.. for me it's so not cool... it's not that for the 'love' of it.. hehehe... it's just because I do not want to miss anything if they ever have something interesting happening... or hang out with friends.. hmm... tidak mau ketinggalan ma... but most of the time, no life la.. =P

anyway.. nothing much interesting happen yesterday but i was kinda 'busy'.. more like occupied la until my mobile out of batt.. people just couldn't stop calling me.. hmm.... that's a diff. story but i don't want to go there this time.. too much strength needed to start with..

by the way.. CK and F.Liao are officially got infected with the red-eye.. poor thing.. bengkak bengkak the eyes but the best thing is.. CK get to cuti.. so i guess it's not that big a deal for her.. the only thing she's worried about is the office work.. all piling up.. hihihi... too bad dude.. and as for F.Liao.. finally she got it after 2 weeks plus she hang out with the red-eye monsters (JK & baby C.) .. thought she won't be getting it.. see see.. kena also.. siann.. one eye only lagitu.. i bet tomorrow both eyes will be swollen.. now, we'll see about that... hehehe... (so bad o kan me...)

haiyaa... go to hell with the red-eye thingy..

let's talk about my lover..


due to all his list-to-do, i didn't get to call him like a psycho today.. plus he's working and at the port, so, it was out of coverage it seems.. actually 'thanks' to the bad network, i was actually dialing his number MOST of the time.. *sigh eeeeee "i will follow you" my foot!! tembirang la ni yellow man ni..

sad o kan me...

yes.. i am psycho... what you gonna do ah...

anyway.. when I finally got him on the phone.. wahh... what a relieved o... i could breathe smoothly.. literally... betul ni... i'm not kidding...

you want to know what's our conversation? hehehe..

"hi baby..."
"what you doin o..."
"working la... what else.. soo tiring..."
"yes ah.. siannn... miss me or not..."
"miiiisss... so soooo much..."

then apalagi.. smile like a small girl la.. muahaha...

hehehe... too much info isn't it... haiyaaa... i bet you also manja manja with your darling kan... eleeeh... well, i'm just saying..

oMG! I am soooooo.... sooooo.... tension o...

no friend.... =(

okla.. it's time for E channel people!!

ciao cin ciao!


eSKay on March 19, 2009 at 8:49 AM said...

kita kuat antibody oh kan.. lambat mau kena red eye.. eeeeeeeee... if i kena time my diving trip... im gonna be so overly over the top CRANKY!!!

still another 3wks ++ to go.. maybe next week i kena kann..

angelicbug on March 19, 2009 at 12:41 PM said...

hahahaha.... funny oh kamu ni.