Mar 27, 2009

i likeee

so... have you seen this one? no? why??? yes? siok kan...

I love everything about it. Mostly reminds me of Chester and Charlie and Lucky.. haiyaa.. kinda pening actually but at the end of the day, it's a joke for everybody.. almost la.. LOL

Lets see... ehem...

Chester poo and pee everywhere in the
apartment and tried to clean it up before any of us find out by licking her pee.. kesiann... she's sooo scared of the 'rotan' bah... and pandai curi duit and so on so on.. hihihi... she's a smart basset hound..

Charlie... he loves me i'm sure.. so many of cute and definitely over-the-top-irritating-unbelievable moments with him... there's a time i almost lost him.. so the scary one.. the only problem i have with him is he barks non-stop whenever people passing by or bird flying around or other dogs passing by or thunder... I dunno la... fed up already... overall, he's weird loving eng. cocker spaniel..

Lucky... she's mix of i-dunno-what... almost lost her too.. but she's lucky enough she got thru it.. and now she's FAT
and beautiful.. for a dog her size, she can jump very high.. that's her trademark.. jumping jumping.. why? no idea.. she have a very strong teeth or jaw or whatever you call it la.. she chews almost anything.. a real damage i tell you.. and Charlie learned it from her.. I just knew it cos before this, I have no problem with him..

ni la ni yang make me so fed up but sometimes, they make me smile.. and guilty mau mati!! so.. that is why they're still here with me.. simply because love.. eiseh... haha.. but time marah marah... bukan main lagi sia.. kotoo.. sepa suruh..

so... i guess... that's about it la... they are just dogs... who love you unconditionally.. come to think of it.. they NEVER complain actually.. hmm... if only they could speak.. LOL...

ok.. don't forget to watch it ok.. last last mati also that.. kesiann.. now, that's the time la you cry and cry and cry.. you'll love it!!! i promise..

muahahaha... yes.. that's the ending.. bite me!!

ciao cin ciao!


NanC on March 29, 2009 at 6:21 PM said...

im busying serving here and there... i did realized my watch the beginning of the EH.. then told my husband.. he's like 'you want me to announce it to these customer?' I laughed!!! we didnt OFF ourlights.. :{ hope the MotherEarth understood people like me :)


vsk on March 29, 2009 at 7:21 PM said...

hehehe.. evil eyes to you then... lol