Feb 10, 2009

victim of the day....

now.. what must i say about her...? hmm...
can be fun & funny....& interesting... most of the time..
she can be adventurous sometimes.. just no 'kaki' these days...
no need to mention all the good stuff too much cos too much is just too much...

now.. interesting part.. hehe...
can be VERY hard & i dunno which word to use.. but eeeeeeeee!.... sometimes..

we see things at the same time without say out loud.. sometimes when driving..

we have the same 'taste' over heels.. most of it..
i noticed that while shopping..
whenever i'm broke.. (which most of the time)
i let her take it.. =D
can pinjam one day ma... same goes to tops.. =P

everyone else will be invisible when she's not in the mood..
and trust me.. damn annoying..
but i've got to tell you.. it's better that way...

she's good in making people feeling guilty over something..
but i know her trick.. so.. she becomes invisible to me.. =P

she knows how to make me get excited over something.. and fall for it..

we both are lazy women.. lol. only clean when its full moon...

she loves David Cook.. and her 'pet' is David Archuleta..

i don't care much about reading..
but i know who is bad/best author and novels because of her..
she's kinda my stories teller..
the one without the ending part..
so i have no choice but to read the whole novel..
soooooooometimes only la...
most of the time.. i don't care..

she loves loves harry potter.. which i don't care.. and i fell asleep half way!
(and she woke me up to make sure i didn't missed a thing..)
only for harry potter series..

she's not Lord of the Ring fan.. and i am..
i can watch it over and over and over again..
so harry potter sucks! muahahaha... bite me!

for me.. i'm her roommate back home.. for her.. i tumpang tidur only..
cos i don't have a room.. i am room-less in my parents house..
sad... other siblings hijacked all the rooms..

we love to drive to Genting out of the blue..
whoever missed it... too bad dude..

she can do a 'small timer' palm reading.. don't play play..

she's my legal advisor kunun.. cos she's a lawyer 'buyuk'.. =P
so.. anything to do with this kinda thing... i always ask for her advice..

CJ is back! damn lucky la lu.. i'm soo not over yet! haiyaa....

okla.. anything just check her out here..

next victim coming soon....

*pssst... it's not that bad right... ok what.. hehehe...
sure DIE la me...


vsk on February 10, 2009 at 11:12 PM said...

dammit... i accidentally posted it again!! eeeee.....

eSKay on February 11, 2009 at 9:36 AM said...


u psycho b*****
u no work ah??

wait u.. i balas dendam.. errmmm... one day.. coz now i got few 'emergency' blogs..


and yes.. u r not my roommate bck in kk.. u tumpang only that! muahhahaha.

and the rest.. well. this woman tipu only that.. the gud part is/are true.. the bad part (if u think its bad) then its PROBABLY not that true.

im sweet people.
like. for. real.

vsk on February 11, 2009 at 1:21 PM said...

hihihi... got work..but soo lazy ba.. everyday do design.. fed up also...

where got bad o... which one??

kennhyn on February 11, 2009 at 2:53 PM said...

tell me about it, i quit my design job not long ago... now doing freelancing and blogging....haha

eSKay on February 11, 2009 at 7:49 PM said...

hey.. kenn issit?? well.. this VSK also in the same boat as u.. doing freelancing and blogging full time..


VSK: not so bad la.. can la for marketing purposes.. so.. any takers yet??

pssttt.. buyers.. me still got no plans for v-day u know..