Jan 31, 2009

she's good...


do u know her?
no? yes?
check her out...

most of her videos are in youtube..
not sure if she's a record artist.. or whatever..
all i know she's good.. and funny.. and fun...
and make my boring saturday to a slightly better day..
well.. slightly hehe... i'm just tired of designing..
and because of her.. i'm sooo stuck with youtube right now..
check her out here

here some of my fav. ones..

they should join a.idol huh...

bah MK.. apalagi... start do this la.. u love singing right..

Jan 30, 2009

vampires & the lycans...


another superb film must watch guys..
noo.. don't buy the DVD.. go to cinema.. big screen!
haish... puas hati!

last last the lady mati.. suure one..
and Kate B. is not in it until the end..
and that's where you should continue watch the first Underworld..
U know after I finished with this movie in Sunway TGV..
I went to the DVD store to look for the previous Underworld..
just because of this movie.. haiyaa... tension nya....

okla.. CJ balik already.... till then....

Jan 29, 2009

want to drink?


read here at STAR

I never knew they have this. So I mentioned it to my friend..
and she knew about it. ceh!

but for real meh ni? I always wondered how this kind of story
spreading around the town
and some people can 'makan' the story. I mean.. for real meh???
seriously? SERIOUSLY??

well, whatever it is.. i hope they get what they wish for... seriously.
cos who knows... i might need it one day kan..

how about you? do you believe this?

who wants to be a millionaire?


* slumdog millionaire *

This film has won the Best Motion Picture
and 3 more other awards and an Oscar.
and I wondered why... so.. I bought the DVD..

damn good man!! you better watch it!

here are the scenes that i love the MOST!

hahaha... damn funny i tell you!!

don't worry.. no nyanyi nyanyi..
no dancing dancing.. only when credits time..
and NO.. shah rukh khan is not in the film...
and YES there is love story..

Jan 28, 2009

so sad...


Wednesday, 28 Jan. 2009 - the star -


click here

she lost her love of her life five years ago..
and now, she lost EVERYTHING she loves..

omy... sooo soooo devastating..

monkey in the year of the ox



ehem... i just got to post this one...

Monkeys are fun and loving person who are always cheerful and energetic. They are very clever, talented, creative and generous. Their cleverness and versatility allow them to be successful in many areas.

naah... apalagi... macam betul bah... i wonder how they know..
OP!... belum habis lagi....

Monkeys can forgive but never forget and can be revengeful if somebody wrongs them several times.. They wait their turn for the perfect opportunity and nothing can stop them for achieving their goals and they're
good at making people comfortable and even the most shy individuals open up to them.

ya betul! tia mau akun kalah moti... lol
ada lagi...

* They don't care what opinions others may have of them. *

ahh... now this is me.. i don't care..

* Dragons and rats will match up with monkeys. *

ahh... this one also ngam.. CJ is dragon mah..
ok ok.. enough with all these... soo scary..
it's all sooo ngamm di fikiran sia.. *chuckle
lets see what's the predict for 2009


Monkey in the year of the ox

Monkey people didn't have any significant performance in 2008, the Year of the Rat. They felt that someone or something blocked their luck all the time. (naah kan..) In the year of 2009, there are many Lucky Stars coming to Monkey people. So they have complete new luck and they can expect good news from career, money, reputation, love or happiness area. However, some tiny Unlucky Stars hiding beside the Lucky Stars in 2009. That means Monkey people shouldn't show too complacent and too conceited, because their enemies are still around. (i knooow.. the lady said within 18months!) If Monkey people make any mistake, then they might lose their reputation, power or wealth. (naah kan.. meaning cannot screw up anything la..)

Career: There are three major Lucky Career Stars appearing in 2009. Those signs indicate you will have an extraordinary and outstanding achievement in your job performance or business development. (good...) It's time that you show people about your talent, wisdom, skill. (eiseh...) Many people will accept your idea and proposal. Your plan or project will show significant progress and impressive results. (yesss ahhh?) You have good chance to gain more responsibilities, own higher power and even win a job promotion. When you have better performance or hold a higher position, then many people become jealous to you. (ooohh...) Someone might try to look for your shortcoming or mistake in order to impede your working progress and to damage your reputation. (i knooow) Fortunately, since your keen perception and quick response, you are able to a plan to protect yourself. (sure or not...?) Also, your supporters will help your to remove the hamper.

Money: There is a Lucky Money Star (penting ni) showing in this year. (bagus bagus...) Since you have a good career luck, your salary fixed income will be satisfactory. If you work for someone, you might earn an extra bonus. If you own your business, then the company sales will have a significant growth. (wahhh....) However, the Money Star is not a Windfall Star. The money won't come from gambling, heritage, gift or lottery. (okay) It's required your hardworking and time to earn all your income. Another sign show that you have a chance to lose your personal property and no way to recover it. (alamak..soo jinjeres onee) Or an unexpected accident causes your money loss. Therefore, it's safer that do show off your wealth in 2009. (ehh?? show off or don't show off?)

One very Auspicious Star and a Happy Star are gathering in love area. That is the sign of success, happiness, joyfulness, smooth or marriage. If you are single, then you have opportunity to find your dream companion and enjoy the happy love life. If you are already in love, the relationship with your lover will become much closer. (wahhh good good... very the important one...) If both of you are ready, then you can consider the marriage. (ahhh i see i see...) If you are married, you and your spouse have a endless love. A new born baby might come into your family. However, if you are a male Monkey guy, you have the chance to meet opposite sex outside. If you don't give in to temptation, you will get lots of argument with your spouse.

Health: Although you have many Lucky Stars coming in your astrological cycle. There also are some Unlucky Stars around you this year. This brings up the health issue. The career will make you busy in 2009. You will feel tired very often. (i see.. ok..) If you have too much nightlife and too less exercise, then you will get sick easily. (working late la ni...) As long as understanding the health might become the problem, then you should limit unnecessary social life, keep healthy eating habit, maintain good sleeping quality and exercise routinely, then you will have a healthy life in the year of Cow.

Fortune: Monkey people have excellent career luck in 2009. They will work very skillfully and proficiently on their daily job. Their wealth will increase because of good job performance. However, there still is a potential unlucky event coming. Monkey people still need to pay attention on words and deeds. If you can spend more time in helping others, then you will win the good reputation, which could bring you more money in. (ok...) The feeling of wealth, power, happiness and satisfaction will all come to you. (alright la...)


* Dragon & Monkey *

a very good match! (yay...)

This is an exciting combination.. The monkey admires dragon's courage and strength while dragon admires monkey's ingenuity.. This brings out the best in each other eluding confidence, success, fascinating and the daring.


hmmm not bad not bad.. okla.. some kind of motivation kan.. so.. what's yours??

Jan 26, 2009

Gung Hay Fat Choy!!


Gung Hay Fat Choy! Gung Hay Fat Choy!


"gong xi gong xi gong xi ni yaa!!..
gong xi gong xi gong xi ni..."

last time when i was a kid. dad used to have makan makan at home
and dozens of lion dance groups came and do their thing
and everybody around the kampung joined the crowd..
and then all the kids (including myself) lining up to receive hung pao...
sooo nice... and the fire crackers.. loooong one.. about almost 10'ft!!

those days when new year was just around the corner,
i could hear the fire cracking everywhere..
and the "tung tung chang... tung tung chang"
on the lorry going around the kampung..
(the drums la.. i dunno what they call it..)
so much of new year spirit!
mmm.... those were the days..
now, no more la.. all very the quiet one...
and no more hung pao since 1999... saaaad
makin tua maybe... that's why it's not that exciting as before.. *sigh

sini.. in KL?? alalala... no feeling at all....
same goes to christmas.. no feeling at all i tell you...
i think when it comes to festival like this... family is important..
christmas without family is just not ''christmas''..
so... it's the same as new year as well..

hehehe lol... not that i celebrate it.. i'm just saying la..
gosh... why do we have to grow old...
naaa kaaan... sia mau start lagi pasal ni aging ni..
ish... soo paranoid.. silly!!

wokey... happy new year again...

Jan 24, 2009

my eyeee... my eyeee....


as you all know i've been working on my 3D drawings and as usual, my juices of creativity only start producing after midnight.. i don't know why.. i can just sitting in front of my screen from morning until the next morning and still working on it..

well, it's not that i'm not creative or anything la.. i'm not saying that.. don't forget my cpu also sooooo very the slow one.. and another thing is this FB lah..

everybody seems to have alot of free time in the office uploading photos.. so, obviously i'll be the first one to check it out.. apalagi... i commented almost all the photos.. i think whoever uploaded the photos.. i'm very sure that they've received tons of updates from FB.. lol. since i've missed all the events last december.. i wouldn't want to miss all the comments in FB too..

hmmm... that's why i got stuck with it.. EVERYTIME! berbalas balik in FB.. so my work also never finish.. haiya... and then because of allll these... i sleep very the late one.. like 4am.. the past 2 weeks.. 5am.. yesterday i slept at 530am... and i have meeting at 10am.. imagine that.. ish... gila eh...

yeahhh yeahhh.. i knowww... it's not good for your health.. it's not good for this and that.. yeah i know that.. stop that thoughts in your head right now...
"ohh.. that's why la.." am i right?? hehehe... stop it!

so.. because of all these.. my left eye bengkak... yesterday i got up and first thing i felt was the pain.. it felt like somebody just gave one good punch in the eye... and eskay could laughed about it.. ish..babi!

"kesiaaan besar sudah pun masih ada kotuton??"

hold on hold on.. this is not KOTUTON laaa... omy.. lama sia tidak dgr ni word..

so.. i asked everyone how to get rid of it...

"go to pharmacy and get the drips.. its something like eyemo..
but its meant for the swollen eye"

"get more sleep"

"dip a gardenia bread in a warm water and paste it on the eye..
it will suck it out and the next morning will burst"
(CJ's idea.. dunno true or not..he said his mom did that to him when he was a kid)

"boil an egg and rub it"

"picit only la"

i haven't tried any of it cos i thought it's gonna be ok the next day... see see... makin besar!! and clara just laughed only... buduuuu o...

ohhhh........ my eyeeee... my eyeeeee....
(you want to see?? i snap my eye... want?? hehehe lol)

Jan 23, 2009

humming all day...


- a change is gonna come - by Sam Cooke

(macam tai la kau sk kalau kau tidak play ni... =P )

I was born by the river in a little tent
Oh and just like the river I've been running ever since
It's been a long, a long time coming
but I know a change gonna come, oh yes it will

It's been too hard living but I'm afraid to die
Cause I don't know what's up there beyond the sky
It's been a long, a long time coming
but I know a change gonna come, oh yes it will

I go to the movie and I go downtown
somebody keep telling me don't hang around
It's been a long, a long time coming
but I know a change gonna come, oh yes it will

Then I go to my brother
and I say brother help me please
but he winds up knocking' me
back down on my knees


There been times that I thought I couldn't last for long
But now I think I'm able to carry on
It's been a long, a long time coming
but I know a change gonna come, oh yes it will


*sigh..... i miss mummy and daddy... =(

have you ever felt like leave everything and just follow your heart?
even though you know it's wrong..? the urge to just drop everything..
and run to where your heart is telling you...??

have you ever missed someone and there's nothing you can do?

have you ever been so angry that you wanted to scream?
yeah.. sometimes.. hehe... but certain things just meant to be shut and bygone..

have you ever regretted something sooo much it ruined your life?
well.. maybe not life..but pretty much left a mark there..

*sigh... sedih juga ni lagu ni... it makes me think alot...

Jan 19, 2009

no time i complain


hmm lets see if this end up a short one or long one...

now... what am i busy with... ??
the 4storeys bungalow..
never ending cos the client keep on changing the layout..
the piping and wiring.. the window frames.. bla bla bla..
belum design lagi..ergh!! koto... kenapala...

hmmm... i think it was last week...
suddenly i got this nervous breakdown kunun..
it was not that bad actually.. i just couldn't believe it..
that in 2 years time i'll be...
ehem.. thirty... weird o... i dunno why... but it's just weird..
it doesn't telly (now how to spell it already?) with myself.. i think..
do i look Ou-eL-Di? hehehe...
i mean seriously.... do i look thirty?
ahh don't answer me la.. i don't want to know..
but you think of it kan... its just a number..
but still... thirty??
it's f-ing thirty you know... it's not 20...or 25..
omy.. see that number is so nice to look at kan... agree? =P bloody hell.....
weird o... i dunno what is so weird about it.. it's just doesn't telly..
and then kan.. i mentioned it to him... and he was like...
"ya.... so? don't worry you'll still be my 'abu asam' "
alaaaaa.... eeeeeeeeeee.... =(
don't ask me why he calls me abu asam.. bau mungkin... muahahahhaha...
last dec 16 only i turned 28.. so.. i kira kira la... sia terkejut skijap...
*sigh..... what to do la....

ohhhh another thing kan.... two days ago..
while he watching his turbo channel...
i was in the toilet la.. at first,
i was plucking whatever unnecessary bulu.. my eyebrow ba..
like monkey already... all girls do that ah, not me only....
either pluck or shave... kan??
anyway.... i dunno how i got carried away... checking my hair pula...
basically my hair now got 2 tone, atas hitam.. bawah brownish... obviously i need another dye session la..
i bought already but no idea who can help me
BUT that's not the point here..
i check punya check... eeeee i found grey hair... hmmm.... satu saja la.. then after that kan...
check again.. another one... then another one..
O.M.G! banyaknya! but nevermind...
that i can calm myself by saying "banyak fikiran!" so it's not that bad..
but STILL! i never have this thing before..
then i got tired with it... ok la.. washed my hair..
sooo fresh... then i looked at myself again in the mirror.. hmmm....
smile smile abit... hmmm....
hehehe looking for wrinkles actually... haiya.. dunno la..
sia tinguk macam teda saja tu... =P
hehehe.... so... i came out and said in a very low tone...

"biii.... u love me?"
"but i ugly.... how?"
"nevermind... i know.. "
(see la... babi kan...)
"eeeeee.... u worse! sooooo ugly!! nobody wants you that.. i only want you..."
"so.. u don't love me la..?"
"then okla.. we match.. yay!... now make coffee first..."
*sigh.... fed up....

haii... i dunno la... go to hell with the thirty...

Jan 16, 2009

good laugh

I just got to post this... last night I got stuck with FB... my yahoo mails FULL of FB replies ba.. like 50 over replies... so I got so syok with it then my 3D drawings also never touch... damn.. anyway.... reply punya reply and check punya check... CK & I saw this pic on my cousin's wedding album...

so... I was like... u know like soooo terkejut and excited at the same time
"omygod.. lama sia tdk nampak dia kaaaan...."

then same goes to CK...
"eee.. tua sudah dia kaaan..." (soo sorry...)

then I left a comment la...
"wah... long time didnt see her... my memory of her she's a soft spoken... =) smileee only..."

then my sister MK, replied the comments..
"ini bukan aunty eyoss.."

then when I received the reply.. I was like "eh... wtf.." and then I laughed soooooo hard until no sound and sampai sakit perut sia.... buduuuuuuu nya sia kan...... sooooo confident lagi tu.....

I don't know why I laughed but that's what happened.... hahhahahahahha CK too ok... already jatuh point kan salah orang.. so... mengaku saja la.. (no hard feelings to this nice lady.. or aunty..)

then after that SK replied again..
"ish.. kin malu.. salah orang.. but the thing is.. **showing pointing finger like CK** .. cepat si MK tangkap kannnnnnn.."


sot... sot....

haiii.... funny nya....

seriously it was a damn good laugh.... (sorry)

oh no... now I feel guilty... =P

Jan 7, 2009

the things I missed the most....

a place called


i miss mom... i miss dad...
- when we're home.. mom will wake us up around 7am for breakfast and she always end up waiting for us until 10am or 11am.. or sometimes almost noon, then go out makan... dad will be at his fav. couch topless watching his fav. channel.. and we will like... "hi D..."... "bye D..." hehehe.... or sometimes hang out with him at the living room.. and watch movie together gether...

i haven't met Caitlyn.. & Samantha..
- hmm... no memory with them yet.. but I know they're adorable.. I know Caitlyn hardly cry.. and Samantha is a cranky baby... that's all I know...

i miss the little boys.. Ashton and Joshua..
- Ashton and Joshua - the alarm clock whenever we're around... they'll be knocking on the door and shouting for us... "aunty naaaaa..... aunty yooook..... open doooor" haiyaaaaa... I miss that.....

i miss Stanlitha...
- long time never go makan with them.. hmmm....

i miss JK & LL
- long time never see them... heard JK is double tripple size now.. good Lord...

i miss RSK
- i miss the moment of he being.. skejap ada... skejap hilang... he locking his door..
and tapau his starbuck...

i miss.... the food in Luyang... yang peeeedas mau mati... the fried mee... the fishcake... alalala... gila babi sedap o... shit!

i miss the balcony at home.. where we always charging.. i miss miss miss....

i miss the kitchen at home... i dunno why.. but i just miss it.... sometimes we lepak there in the evening.. and that's when everybody asking for... "yoook... make coffee..." or sometimes "yook.. sia haus o..." but thank God for having alot of siblings.. especially the younger ones... i get to ask for help... "mariiiaaaaaa.... tulung siiiiiaaaaa" or... "booyyyyyy... mari kau sini..." hehehe.... awwww... I missssssssssssssss that!! and boy will say..." kau punya 3-2-1 kan...." heheh got recipe one.... so nice....

i miss the living room upstairs.. where we call it 'bujang floor'... last time la... now no more bujang... babies are around... so... limited activities for some people... hehehe... mom will only go up & lepak there when everybody is there.. last time la.. now things changed... i think.. some...

i miss unds..
- long time never see her... her laugh is something diff... whoever beside her sure kena one thundering slap on the lap.. and i miss the way she correcting her daughters...
"MEREDITH!.... " hehehe....

okla.. those i never mention here.. either they're with me here.. or... i don't miss them at all... that's why never cross my mind.. hihihi.... punya jahat kan.. alaaa.. i'm sure i never cross your mind also kan... hmmm....

okie... that's all for now...

till then......


so... wassup everybody.. are you done with your 2008 stories? new resolution for 2009? mostly are re-new ones right.. forever its gonna be like that..hehe...

haiya.. boring nya.. seriously... boring..

what happened in December really drained my strength.. totally no mood for anything.. but I know he tried his best to make it happening for me.. hmm... can la... closed one eye.. what to do la kan... shit happens.. he hutang me one trip though.. everytime like that la...

my new resolution for this year.. only one.. no more plannings... screw all the plans... just go with the flow... wanna go.. go... don't want to go.. then don't go for it.. whatever it is... I don't give a shit about it... I'm not giving up here.. I'm just go with the flow kunun...

so... apa la? what's the story here... hmm..... ??

ahh... I think I'm gonna change my layout.. kesian o kan...


Jan 1, 2009

a change is gonna come...


Happy New Year and

may God bless everyone

Let the new year begin!!