Dec 3, 2008

i'm thinking about ***

*** CJ - he's in KJ washing car then going to Canai Subang..

(miss him already...)

*** stinky smell - bau asam asam.. sticky... oily... "opilit!!"
(hehe... just finished wash + polish his bike ba...
me re-charging now...
am going to hit the shower after this)

*** whether i should eat or not...
i had late lunch.. but dinner how??

(there's one more maggie mee downstairs.. hmmm....)

*** how to finish my work before 21st Dec..
and when to tell my client that i'm goin off to KK in 2weeks time

(hmmm... sigh)

***my a/c... when can I call them to service it..
everyday out to site..

(fed up... sooooo panas)

*** where to 'sonsong' him when we reach KK
(sigh... that's why la you all... pencuri bilik!!!! so not fair.. ish)

*** what to do this saturday
(watch twilight.. & arrios - "country sausage".. sedaaaaaap)

*** si grace.. dia sudah call ka tu ah..

*** omg!! I forgot I supposed to fax the plan today!!

*** I'm sooo lazy to do work.. I want to youtube-ing and
sing like nobody business

(yeah yeah.. like you don't do right...don't laugh...)

*** ish benci sia banyak kerja

*** I want to watch my movies.. too many to watch till I don't know which one to watch first.. everytime buy only but never watch...
SK.. are you done with the "my best friend's gf" or something...

*** I can't wait for... hmmm.. what ah.. KK yes.. Christmas yes.. ahh my bday.. wahh.. I'm gonna be 28 liao.. weird.. how come I don't feel old OLD one.. I think because I have too many elder siblings.. So I don't feel that bad...
( wait till 30 la.. damn.. meaning next year 29 la..
oh no... what do i do now??
having own biz ok ka that?
is that consider "something"?? whatever la ah..)

*** when I'm gonna do this Confirmation Class... ??
I wonder BIG TIME..

(actually i can go now la.. malas ba.. malas... see la how..)

*** me getting darker and darker and darker.. bloody hell!!
(i hate i hate i hate... koto.. kenapa la...)

*** dying my hair.. wonder if BK can do or not.. hmm... ??

*** the Christmas List.. wonder where I put it...
(not sure whether can kautim all of it or not.. apa kata sia blanja roti kawin..?? for xmas.. can ah? hehehe... of course for the grown up ones la.. the babies lain kira..ermm.. coffee bean? ok's not cheapskate ok.. i scared no time only..)

*** gee.. so many things to settle oneee..

*** after this take shower and do work..
after one gula gula... =P

*** me thinking too much...

*** tomorrow I have to go to site again..
bloody plumbing works!!

(fed up nyeeee...)

*** the 3D drawings.. when la gonna finish..

okla... that's all la... soooo smelly one...

*** I love love love Jaci Velasquez - I Get On My Knees...
(u never check it out kan..? lain o...)


eSKay on December 3, 2008 at 11:32 PM said...

yaaaaaaaa... sudah habis.. sia mau hantar tadi.. but terbaca ur blog.. since u r now smelly asam-asam.. i decided lepas mandi ko datangla my room to take it..

err.. i dont want to die before christmas.. i NEED to watch brad pitt first..

hmmm.. not to say i want to die after that ah God.. im just saying.. alalala.. mati la ni..
have to go confession suda this..

vsk on December 3, 2008 at 11:39 PM said...

ya ya.. now me so fresh already...

oh no...confession..!! when is that ah?