Oct 24, 2008

too advance sometimes... but silly

Youth, Sex and doing business
by D.Z
"It was halfway through the soiree when two young women appeared at our tiny table. We initiated small talk but they looked at us blankly.

A newly-made male acquaintance whispered to me that the two young women were 16 years old, and were there to look for rich boyfriends. No, they were not working girls. They went to a school nearby.

The two butterflies then moved on to flit on a more prosperous table, filled with laughter and cigar smoke. In a matter of minutes, they were well acquainted with the men.

Women hunting for rich men as husbands or paramours are nothing new. Growing up, there were a few girls in class who aspired to be that: wives of rich men.

But still, as I sat in a corner, observing the two young women, whiling their youth away, as they flirted with the men, and were grabbed at by their newfound companions, I wondered to myself, why, why weren’t these girls at home?"
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*if it's my children... I'll give one HUGE thundering slap...