Oct 25, 2008

my saturday morning...

I went to bed this morning around 5am. Yeah.. Late huh.. well, I'm used to it. working late! Of all the time, ideas always come around this hour like nobody business.

anyway... i fell asleep as soon as i laid on my fav. spot.. then… not long after that. I think I HEARD my alarm..? or my ringtone..?? hmmm not sure coz I was in my la-la-land..

Wokey, so I got up at 10:57am. The alarm just couldn’t leave me in peace! Ok Ok! Turned it off! Stop snoozing already!!

Few minutes later, AGAIN! Eeeeee…. W.T.F!

Ok FINE! I’m soooooo awake now! Checked out my pda. Hmmm… missed call at 6am. hmmm... It’s 11:15am now.. why would they call me around this hour? 6am is sooo early for breakfast right….?? Then i started to worry coz I know that they went clubbing in KL last night..

So I returned the call immediately.. wokey.. no answer… then called the hubby… hmmm… no answer.. my heart started to race even faster.. nevermind, I rang another very close friend. He’s always with them anyway. Damn.. there’s no answer too. Wokey…. Eeeeee what happened!! so I text her instead. And 20 minutes later. She called back.

“hey V. I’m in Uni hospital.”


DF, DB and CF got into accident this morning around 430am in KL. No, they were not drunk. They were *longkai-ing around KL before heading to Subang after late supper and they were extremely slow like 40km/hr. It was 4:30am, not many cars around. In fact, their's were the only car at that time it happened so fast, out of nowhere a car from the opposite street lost control, turned 360 and BAM!! Head to head. DB was driving and tried to avoid (of course) and DF, a big size guy was at the backseat and during the accident, he flew to the front and hit the dashboard and CF was unconscious due to the hard impact from DF. I think. Apparently they said that the unknown lady driver was feeling sleepy… hmmm…. sure or not…? well.. I dunno la… I always drive sleepy but if I really can’t help it. I'd stop at the side of the road oooor any petrol station.. ALWAYS! or simply 're-charge' myself.. =P

Owell… thank God everybody is ok. No serious injuries. The boys were discharged on the same day.

Haiyaaaa…. What luck this month… damn U october..

*longkai - driving around to check out if there's any accident coz they're in the towing car "activity"