Oct 18, 2008

i thought.....

hear my thoughts -

i thought being a designer is FUN - i was wrong. sucks BIG TIME

hot. dusty. makin hitam. no time for myself. almost 24/7 infront PC drawings can't finish. everytime my phone ringing like non-stop. thinking alot. fed up. tension. rushing. i don't have time to watch my fav. series. no time to baring baring. can't sleep. etc etc

but still i do it with all my heart. cos at the end of the day. i feel damn good for the outcome. MOST of the time. and i tell myself.. "mmm...not bad" and i get my paycheck of course.. hehe..

so.. i'm not sure what i'm complaining about and what i wish for and bla bla bla.. but that's what i'm thinking right now.