Oct 23, 2008

everything is ok now...

hehe... yes... everything is ok now. Normal la.. skejap ok..skejap tak ok...what a relationship huh... As usual, I created the problem coz it's too calm. So I said something stupid and made them fed up and now I might be going home (KK) alone this Christmas.. hmmm… maybe.... not confirm though. Still can kautim on that. I was just wondering ma.. so now... hmmm.... dunno.. see how it goes.. eeeeee that is why I didn't want to create a blog.. I tend to expose all this kind of shits.

Anyway, two days ago daddy was in town. I can’t remember the last time I saw him, I miss him so much. So excited, not sure about SK and CK coz they went back home last month. When we finally reached Seri Pac., KL around 8pm something, (Rain + 7pm = Jam giler) first thing first, daddy asked “ok. mana ada babi sini?” hihihi…. see… before that, when we were getting ready at home, we asked each other where to makan. I was very sure daddy wants to go to his fav. restaurant and these two girls said go for bahkuteh.. hmm…. (Tu la kamu tidak percaya sia… )

So we went there, “Oversea something Restaurant”. It took us about half an hour to reach there. After turning to every familiar exit coz now, almost every jalan in KL is ONE WAY! Stupid shit! Ok back to the restaurant….. We makan la. Unfortunately, no pictures coz we were sooo hungry. No time to snap-snap. (Hmmm too bad dude) Two thumbs up for the dinner! Well, they never disappoint me. Myself and daddy even ordered each another bowl of rice (BIG one), licin lagi tu.. haiya..never gain also!! Dammit!! and then.. the rest of the stories, what else but to gossip!.. (hehehe…ONLY family matters) yeah sometimes I’m surprised that daddy actually noticed all those stuff that happens in the house.. He diam diam… limpang limpang… actually he’s observing.. So.. pandai pandai la kamu ah..

Then while eating, daddy received a call, his friend finally called up after few hours he waited at the hotel for a meeting. Eeeee…. I actually swallowed whatever I can... And then, thought the rain has stopped. NO. Even worse! Luckily we brought umbrella with us. I was a lil “stressed up” (kononnya la) coz we basically have to FLY back to Seri Pac. Thinking which exit to follow... Jalan Bukit Bintang to Jalan Sultan Ismail.. hehehe… yeah yeah… for years in KL but it doesn’t mean I know all the roads here and not forgetting they’ve changed certain route to one way street.. so one more time.. stupid shit!! But luckily I remembered coz CJ showed me a few times where to go. Heeeeee…… but still I entered the wrong way. Boo hoo!!

“Nooo…this way to go back to Beach Club.. now we have to go back to HardRock… so it’s the other way… “

haiya…. OK fine! I made one BIG round + with the jam and traffic lights.. (eeeeee bikin panas) but it’s ok… focus focus.. then we’re back at the same spot, this time everything is ok… until we passed HardRock which is still under renovation.. =\ (but that's beside the point)

“eh.. which traffic light already?”

“not this one..the next next one…” then tekan minyak some more la...speeding all the way...celup left and right..

“ok..this one ah?..”

“mmm….. wait ah.. “ but I already reached at the end of the traffic light! I slowed down at green light.. and OMG! I main turning only!!! It’s a ONE WAY street! And GREEN LIGHT… cars were coming from the opposite direction! OMG! Well… here I'm exaggerating la.. it wasn’t that scary shit! But in my heart actually I'm bitching to myself.. coz I knew I made a mistake.. thank God the car slowed down and even if they're bitching at me.. I won't get to hear it... hehehe… if it were me.. I would've said “stupid bitch!”and honk like nobody's business

Ok. It’s not over yet.. well, we survived. Then we went straight, and....

“hmm…. damn.. I think it’s the next traffic light…” *chuckle

Ohh… daddy and CK diam diam only… or mumbling.. SK and I were busy finding the way.

“ok. Go left here..then go right there..” so I turned here and turned there..

“hmm… next? I think it’s this way…”

“I’m not sure… maybe… hmmm…” so I just turned..

“u sure it’s correct?”

“yes.. see the hotel there right in front of us.. now how to go there..”

“hihihi…so far yet so near… eh terbalik… so near yet so far…”

“dunno… we'll find the way…”

Muahahhahaha… we reached our destination after 10 minutes than originally planned.. oopsie… sian daddy… hahahahha… we’ve been to these places like thousand times.. masih tidak ingat ingat! O.M.G!

As usual, we opted for valet parking… hihihi… All are continental cars!!! Ours is the only Myvi there... sedihhhhnya.. nasib baik SK ada cuci kereta...

So, next mission, where to “re-charge”?? Obviously we couldn't go to lobby coz that’s where daddy will be with his friends. Outside? Hmmm too many familiar faces. So up to 13th floor then. In the lift, we’re like “wahhh…wah….” (like sakaion) Coz we could see everything outside on the way up. Which is cool.

Ok. In the room. Hmmm…. Nice.. but the window was locked. So.. last option have to re-charge at the lift lobby. Hehehe… we planned if anybody came, we would act like we’re waiting for the lift. Hihihihi….. and we noticed there’s a camera at the corner, so I waved... =P

Ok. Re-charged! Back to the room again….

this is what happened when there's no parental units

as usual... she's always ready with her pose...

snapped snapped snapped

weird... Seri Pac., KL doesn't have a mini bar.... how come ah.. so...we limpang limpang.....

(ape tu limpang limpang... baring baring la....)


ok la. finish... then 12am something balik.... sob sob...

so long one.....