Oct 28, 2008

u like stand up comedy?

Anjelah Nicole Johnson

she's good...

released in 2007...

one of my top 5 bedtime movie selection

watched it this morning around 4am.... I love love it....

the readings...

"next few years" - "sleeping" - "push"

hihihihi.... u understand ah??


Oct 27, 2008

break time...

- @ uncle lim's -

i wish....


I don't know what to do...

I don't know what's in your mind...

I don't know what is next...

why is it so difficult...

I can't breathe...

I wish I knew what to do with you...

I wish I could read your mind...

I wish I knew what's next...

I wish it could be simpler...

still can't breathe...

Oct 25, 2008

my saturday morning...


I went to bed this morning around 5am. Yeah.. Late huh.. well, I'm used to it. working late! Of all the time, ideas always come around this hour like nobody business.

anyway... i fell asleep as soon as i laid on my fav. spot.. then… not long after that. I think I HEARD my alarm..? or my ringtone..?? hmmm not sure coz I was in my la-la-land..

Wokey, so I got up at 10:57am. The alarm just couldn’t leave me in peace! Ok Ok! Turned it off! Stop snoozing already!!

Few minutes later, AGAIN! Eeeeee…. W.T.F!

Ok FINE! I’m soooooo awake now! Checked out my pda. Hmmm… missed call at 6am. hmmm... It’s 11:15am now.. why would they call me around this hour? 6am is sooo early for breakfast right….?? Then i started to worry coz I know that they went clubbing in KL last night..

So I returned the call immediately.. wokey.. no answer… then called the hubby… hmmm… no answer.. my heart started to race even faster.. nevermind, I rang another very close friend. He’s always with them anyway. Damn.. there’s no answer too. Wokey…. Eeeeee what happened!! so I text her instead. And 20 minutes later. She called back.

“hey V. I’m in Uni hospital.”


DF, DB and CF got into accident this morning around 430am in KL. No, they were not drunk. They were *longkai-ing around KL before heading to Subang after late supper and they were extremely slow like 40km/hr. It was 4:30am, not many cars around. In fact, their's were the only car at that time it happened so fast, out of nowhere a car from the opposite street lost control, turned 360 and BAM!! Head to head. DB was driving and tried to avoid (of course) and DF, a big size guy was at the backseat and during the accident, he flew to the front and hit the dashboard and CF was unconscious due to the hard impact from DF. I think. Apparently they said that the unknown lady driver was feeling sleepy… hmmm…. sure or not…? well.. I dunno la… I always drive sleepy but if I really can’t help it. I'd stop at the side of the road oooor any petrol station.. ALWAYS! or simply 're-charge' myself.. =P

Owell… thank God everybody is ok. No serious injuries. The boys were discharged on the same day.

Haiyaaaa…. What luck this month… damn U october..

*longkai - driving around to check out if there's any accident coz they're in the towing car "activity"

"P.S I love you"

i cried and cried and cried everytime I watch this

ohhh.... how i heart them

Oct 24, 2008

"the accidental husband"


jeffrey dean morgan

u like him??

then watch him here...

two thumbs up from me!!

too advance sometimes... but silly


Youth, Sex and doing business
by D.Z
"It was halfway through the soiree when two young women appeared at our tiny table. We initiated small talk but they looked at us blankly.

A newly-made male acquaintance whispered to me that the two young women were 16 years old, and were there to look for rich boyfriends. No, they were not working girls. They went to a school nearby.

The two butterflies then moved on to flit on a more prosperous table, filled with laughter and cigar smoke. In a matter of minutes, they were well acquainted with the men.

Women hunting for rich men as husbands or paramours are nothing new. Growing up, there were a few girls in class who aspired to be that: wives of rich men.

But still, as I sat in a corner, observing the two young women, whiling their youth away, as they flirted with the men, and were grabbed at by their newfound companions, I wondered to myself, why, why weren’t these girls at home?"
read more here @ the star

*if it's my children... I'll give one HUGE thundering slap...

Oct 23, 2008

everything is ok now...


hehe... yes... everything is ok now. Normal la.. skejap ok..skejap tak ok...what a relationship huh... As usual, I created the problem coz it's too calm. So I said something stupid and made them fed up and now I might be going home (KK) alone this Christmas.. hmmm… maybe.... not confirm though. Still can kautim on that. I was just wondering ma.. so now... hmmm.... dunno.. see how it goes.. eeeeee that is why I didn't want to create a blog.. I tend to expose all this kind of shits.

Anyway, two days ago daddy was in town. I can’t remember the last time I saw him, I miss him so much. So excited, not sure about SK and CK coz they went back home last month. When we finally reached Seri Pac., KL around 8pm something, (Rain + 7pm = Jam giler) first thing first, daddy asked “ok. mana ada babi sini?” hihihi…. see… before that, when we were getting ready at home, we asked each other where to makan. I was very sure daddy wants to go to his fav. restaurant and these two girls said go for bahkuteh.. hmm…. (Tu la kamu tidak percaya sia… )

So we went there, “Oversea something Restaurant”. It took us about half an hour to reach there. After turning to every familiar exit coz now, almost every jalan in KL is ONE WAY! Stupid shit! Ok back to the restaurant….. We makan la. Unfortunately, no pictures coz we were sooo hungry. No time to snap-snap. (Hmmm too bad dude) Two thumbs up for the dinner! Well, they never disappoint me. Myself and daddy even ordered each another bowl of rice (BIG one), licin lagi tu.. haiya..never gain also!! Dammit!! and then.. the rest of the stories, what else but to gossip!.. (hehehe…ONLY family matters) yeah sometimes I’m surprised that daddy actually noticed all those stuff that happens in the house.. He diam diam… limpang limpang… actually he’s observing.. So.. pandai pandai la kamu ah..

Then while eating, daddy received a call, his friend finally called up after few hours he waited at the hotel for a meeting. Eeeee…. I actually swallowed whatever I can... And then, thought the rain has stopped. NO. Even worse! Luckily we brought umbrella with us. I was a lil “stressed up” (kononnya la) coz we basically have to FLY back to Seri Pac. Thinking which exit to follow... Jalan Bukit Bintang to Jalan Sultan Ismail.. hehehe… yeah yeah… for years in KL but it doesn’t mean I know all the roads here and not forgetting they’ve changed certain route to one way street.. so one more time.. stupid shit!! But luckily I remembered coz CJ showed me a few times where to go. Heeeeee…… but still I entered the wrong way. Boo hoo!!

“Nooo…this way to go back to Beach Club.. now we have to go back to HardRock… so it’s the other way… “

haiya…. OK fine! I made one BIG round + with the jam and traffic lights.. (eeeeee bikin panas) but it’s ok… focus focus.. then we’re back at the same spot, this time everything is ok… until we passed HardRock which is still under renovation.. =\ (but that's beside the point)

“eh.. which traffic light already?”

“not this one..the next next one…” then tekan minyak some more la...speeding all the way...celup left and right..

“ok..this one ah?..”

“mmm….. wait ah.. “ but I already reached at the end of the traffic light! I slowed down at green light.. and OMG! I main turning only!!! It’s a ONE WAY street! And GREEN LIGHT… cars were coming from the opposite direction! OMG! Well… here I'm exaggerating la.. it wasn’t that scary shit! But in my heart actually I'm bitching to myself.. coz I knew I made a mistake.. thank God the car slowed down and even if they're bitching at me.. I won't get to hear it... hehehe… if it were me.. I would've said “stupid bitch!”and honk like nobody's business

Ok. It’s not over yet.. well, we survived. Then we went straight, and....

“hmm…. damn.. I think it’s the next traffic light…” *chuckle

Ohh… daddy and CK diam diam only… or mumbling.. SK and I were busy finding the way.

“ok. Go left here..then go right there..” so I turned here and turned there..

“hmm… next? I think it’s this way…”

“I’m not sure… maybe… hmmm…” so I just turned..

“u sure it’s correct?”

“yes.. see the hotel there right in front of us.. now how to go there..”

“hihihi…so far yet so near… eh terbalik… so near yet so far…”

“dunno… we'll find the way…”

Muahahhahaha… we reached our destination after 10 minutes than originally planned.. oopsie… sian daddy… hahahahha… we’ve been to these places like thousand times.. masih tidak ingat ingat! O.M.G!

As usual, we opted for valet parking… hihihi… All are continental cars!!! Ours is the only Myvi there... sedihhhhnya.. nasib baik SK ada cuci kereta...

So, next mission, where to “re-charge”?? Obviously we couldn't go to lobby coz that’s where daddy will be with his friends. Outside? Hmmm too many familiar faces. So up to 13th floor then. In the lift, we’re like “wahhh…wah….” (like sakaion) Coz we could see everything outside on the way up. Which is cool.

Ok. In the room. Hmmm…. Nice.. but the window was locked. So.. last option have to re-charge at the lift lobby. Hehehe… we planned if anybody came, we would act like we’re waiting for the lift. Hihihihi….. and we noticed there’s a camera at the corner, so I waved... =P

Ok. Re-charged! Back to the room again….

this is what happened when there's no parental units

as usual... she's always ready with her pose...

snapped snapped snapped

weird... Seri Pac., KL doesn't have a mini bar.... how come ah.. so...we limpang limpang.....

(ape tu limpang limpang... baring baring la....)


ok la. finish... then 12am something balik.... sob sob...

so long one.....

Oct 21, 2008


gee... did i say something that doesn't make sense at all...??

hehe.. well... it does to me...


move on babe....

muahhh muahhh

girls... love you.. hug hug

Oct 20, 2008

you don't have to get me..


You probably won’t understand what I’m about to grumble here. You might not get it AT ALL.. or… you might get it… but it doesn’t really matter.. so…. hear my thoughts…or not...

*deep breath

I used to know what to think, what to feel, what to say and I think, I used to know what and when to worry about and I think I did everything perfectly. I think

Ok maybe not entirely perfect coz U and I know that no one is, correct? But it’s alright. I know. No one is flawless except Him.. maybe not too.. I don’t know. Let’s not go there ok.…. whatever…. let’s make Him the one and only flawless la. Move on…

Anyway, there’s a time I just simply don’t feel like it. Sometimes I don’t feel like talking. Sometimes I don’t show. Sometimes I don’t care. I don’t care what people might think. Who could possibly honestly ever cares what others might think right.. at the end of the day, whether you, yourself want or not, you’re in or out. Yes or no. kan? Ok most of the time we human just close one eye and bear with it. Ok fine.

Even so, it does not mean that I STOP being how I always am or what I’m supposed to be. Hold on… hold on… supposed to?? See even that I question myself. “Supposed to??” How about NOT supposed to?? Will I be in trouble? Will I end up with nothing or…. gain something instead?? I don’t know. but still, I never stop being how I always am. the one that always put everything aside and please them. always. ish... koto.. kenapala...

*sigh - I don’t understand my head! Betul ni… I don’t get it..

Woookey… you don’t get me do you. Of course you don’t =) coz got censorship ma.. well, you’re not supposed to get it coz I don’t get myself either… at this very moment.. I’m f-ing seriously don’t get it!

It’s just that things are too ok and too quiet. Now that’s a problem. Isn’t that silly?

Or do I actually have one? *thinking again

Oct 19, 2008

When Cigarettes become toooo expensive‏


never ending tags

[01] Do you ever wonder what your ex is up to?
- used to.. sometimes... yeah...

[02] Have you ever been given roses?
- yup. so nice.. fake one also got.. =P

[03] What is your all-time favorite romance movie?
- if only - Jennifer Love Hewitt - watched it first time from the middle of the movie and i cried like mad....

[04] Had a Long Distance Relationship?
- decade ago.. didn't work. and now... hmmm......

[05] Do you believe in this saying-What goes around comes around?
- ohhh yessss...

[06] Do you want to get married?
- one fine day

[07] How many kids do you want to have?
- beribu ribu lemon... can ah...

[08] Whats your favorite color(s)?
- green

[09] Who was the last person you held hands with?
- nobody... sad huh

[10] Do you believe in love at first sight?
- if its brad pitt..of course...

[11] Would you kiss the last person you kissed again?
- yes again and again... it's been 3 months now... =(

[12] At what age did you start noticing the opposite gender?
- hmmmm

[13] Do you like anyone?
- i liiiike....

[14] Do you know someone who likes you?
- dunno... i'm ok what..so i don't think there's any reason not to like me..

[15] Do you love anyone?
- yes...

[16] Do they know you like/love them?
- yup..

[17] Why did you and your most recent ex break up?
- recent break up? no recent one.. decade ago yes..

[18] When did you two last speak to one another?
- hmmmm.....

[19] Would you get back together with your ex?
- i dont think so..

[20] What comes to your mind when you think of love?
- depends on current mood... now i feel love is empty...

[21] Is there anyone who knows you inside and out?
- i think so... ??


Oct 18, 2008

i thought.....

hear my thoughts -

i thought being a designer is FUN - i was wrong. sucks BIG TIME

hot. dusty. makin hitam. no time for myself. almost 24/7 infront PC drawings can't finish. everytime my phone ringing like non-stop. thinking alot. fed up. tension. rushing. i don't have time to watch my fav. series. no time to baring baring. can't sleep. etc etc

but still i do it with all my heart. cos at the end of the day. i feel damn good for the outcome. MOST of the time. and i tell myself.. "mmm...not bad" and i get my paycheck of course.. hehe..

so.. i'm not sure what i'm complaining about and what i wish for and bla bla bla.. but that's what i'm thinking right now.

partner in crime


*have yourself a merry little christmas... let your heart be light....

so sad this song... i miss home already....

Oct 13, 2008


i can't think!

there are so many things in my head right now. i don't even know which one to think first!

sad huh. wtf man..

i miss him... =(

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee like shit only! soooo not fair!

koto! kenapa la kan.. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee whateverla!

Oct 12, 2008

why do men take second wives?

Thursday October 9, 2008

by D.Z.

"Polygamy has nothing to do with culture or religion. Men, and women too, cheat because they can.

WHEN a male friend told me he planned on taking a second wife, all I could do was try not to choke on dinner. Are you serious, I asked. He said yes, he had fallen in love with a single mother, but it was not his fate to marry her.

Thinking it was perhaps due her compassion, her earnest desire to bring up her sprogs in a Godly way and that life was indeed a struggle, I choked on my dessert when my friend told me the first thing he noticed about her was that she owned a great set of jugs.

Now, my friend takes his religious obligations very seriously. His first wife wears the hijab. So to hear him admit that it was his paramour’s cleavage that caught his heart was quite shocking."

read more here @ the star


Oct 9, 2008

homework tag

i got tagged again by NK. she loves all these taggies w weird questions. i wonder who actually made it all up. no other thing to do is it. BUT its ok. at first macam malas . but now, i'm soooo WIDE awake! (thank you for those who kept on calling calling calling and calling me this morning! eeeeee)

first thing first -coffee! & D. aahhhh....sedaaap.

now forget about the rules.. lets do the thing now..

1. If your lover betrayed you, what will your reaction be?
fuhh...you don't want to know what I did last last last summer.. very long story.. hehehe... sooooo dramatic!

2. If you can have a dream to come true, what would it be?
omg... the hardest q ever! mmm...... ok la... i tell you this ok.

I once told CJ like 8/7 yrs ago that if I ever been to Hollywood and work there as a waitress or something and then oneeee day Steven Spielberg discover me or any director or producer or brad pitt..? (that time la cos Brad Pitt still "IN" my fav. list until A.Jolie came in the pic) hihihi... and then ask me to work for them and do their thing (mmm...kau imagine sendiri la) then after awhile i'll be soooooooo successful and my name is all over the internet just because of being a malaysian and of course by that time i'll be rich & fabulous then i'll get CJ his ultimate GARAGE w bar and a podium for the bikes and cars.. hihi... so when this thing happen, you and i know, that i'm living in my dream. =P hehe.. ok ma... that was 19yrs old of me.. =P don't tell me you don't have silly dreams.. *rolls eyes

hehe..yeah i told him that and he, at first stared at me and really tried so hard to understand me with a funny face (haha..funny..) and then he burst out laughing nonstop! (eeeeeeee kalau betul betul happen then how) ohh and i think i've mentioned it to SK & the others too & i remember SK's expression.. yg ketawa tidak mau ketawa ni..what u say that in english?? and then she said "kesiiiaaaannn....ituuuuu laaa??" =P eeeeeeeee

owell, now i make it more simpler and a little bit realistic.. *sigh.. IF I EVER been to hollywood ONCE! meaning one of my dreams come true.. i can check on my teen dreams list..

there's a lot more actually.. but question asked for ONE dream.. hihihi... so panjang one my answer..

3. What's your plan for this year's x'mas?

mmm....TONS of things to do!! i wanna get all the presents starts this month (i think) and then shop for my dresses for a wedding and few other things like get my tattoo done, my hair, his things.... and this year, i'm hoping for CJ to come along this time. i want him to be there. (but i'm kinda worried cos i have NO room at home. so how la..) then meet up some diff. group of peeps and i'm planning to go to kundasang & go to manukan island (maybe).

kau rasa jadi ka?

4. What would you do with a billion dollars?

complete all my dreams and make everyone else a millionaire. so no need to work and we can go travel together gether. =D i'm nice kan...

5. Will you fall in love with your best friend?

sorry. not a lesbo here. but i do love them. muahhh muahhh.. hug hug! wahhh can't wait to see them this Dec.. KT & Jae....i'm coming!!!! weeeeeee

6. Which is more blessed, loving someone or being loved by someone?

being here and very much alive is blessed

7. How long do you intend to wait for someone you really love?

got it! check!

8. If the person you secretly like is already attached, what would you do?

happy la. lain juga...

9. If you like to act with someone, who will it be?

why they ask this ah... weird..

10. What takes you down the fastest?

betrayal.. same to same w NK..

11. How would you see yourself in ten years time?

seriously i don't want to know and i don't want to even think about it. it scares me sometimes.. just go with the flow..

12. What’s your fear?

losing the loved ones - my BIGGEST fear

13. What kind of person do you think the person who tagged you is?

she's ok.... normal.. sometimes she'd ask me things or say something that makes me wonder.... hehe.. biar kau neta. =P *chuckle

14. Would you rather be single and rich or married but poor?

as long as i'm happy i guess it's enough for me. just don't die on starvation.. right?

15. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

i'd look for my D. then make coffee... have to. if not. i'll be like a zombie.

16. Would you give all in a relationship?

give all what? all my heart? yeees of course... all the time!

17. If you fall in love with two people simultaneously, who would you pick?

the one that i can see myself with in 10yrs time.. ok la.. 5yrs.. no la 10yrs.. ohhh and the one that never hurt me and the one that i can tolerate with all his nonsense/bad habits etc.. hehe.. penting tu...

18. Would you forgive and forget no matter how horrible a thing the someone has done?

yeah. i'm the forgive and NEVER forget BUT keep it aside and from time to time i'll be psycho about it..

there's another thing, forgive and NEVER give in ESPECIALLY for being unfaithful. this is only for him. every year i remind him. hehehe... sometimes everymonth.. or everyweek... mmm.. is everyday consider psycho? hahaha... u think i'm psycho? he even worse!! but i love him with all my heart.. uuummmmmmaaaaaaaaaaa =D

19.Do you prefer being single or having a relationship?

i don't remember being single anymore.... so at this moment i'm ok with my story.. until..........

20.List 6 people to tag

i don't know who to tag and i don't want to tag anyone.. so yes i'm breaking the rules.. who give a shit right..

so... apa la??


u likeee?? u takeee....