Sep 19, 2008

- the beauty of first love -

when you fall in love for the first time, your heart races, your pulse quickens, you feel more alive than ever before and "butterflies" are all over you. correct?? =) yeahh baby.. you just can't stop thinking about them and you'll be smiling aaaall by yourself... uhhuh... been there done that..

loooong long time ago, there was a girl, young-naive, who strongly believed that first love gonna last forever. even the so-called "love of her life" left

anyway, for years, she was holding on to those feelings. those promises. those dreams. all the "these and those" bla bla bla... too many to mention.. although all of it were just zero.. she still likes to think about it and smile from time to time...

well that was the silly part until...... something knocked her head and voilà!!!... reality hit her!! it took years to finally hit the centre of the earth.. (things happened & things changed) its an open-eyed for her

then when she started to feel (after how many yeaaars) her relationship starting to become rocky... she stopped all her nonsense, the comparing part, wondering and day dreaming!! it's time to reaaaally start focusing on it - in out side by side and then LEARN to make it more interesting. cheerful. colorful. more dramatic. observe and be EXTRA conscious with the little details around her... make the best of it! with all the things that she's doing now.. it works!! (ok maybe not all) but still.. it helps to strengthen the bond... you don't believe me... ask Oprah!

*thinking.... hmmmm....should i make it more detail??

so far she maintains and notices there are some changes. here and there. (thank you God) Really appreciate it. some have to "telan" and some have to "muntah" all over their face. YES. its the 'give and take' games.. compromise that is... you have to IF you want it to last FOREVER.

well.. the key of this 9yrs of relationship... be patience and appreciate each other..
"Patience is passion tamed "- lymann abbott IF they are being possesive (most of the time OVER THE TOP possesive) just think of it in a different perspectives Ohh.. I meant positive ones ah.. and just BE NICE.

another thing to share with you..quote it from
"The beauty of first love is that for the first time you discover just how alive you can feel and how colorful life can be. But you can recapture that first love experience by becoming a 'mental virgin,' wiping away the ghosts of lovers past and immersing yourself in your current relationship completely and fully."


eSKay on September 20, 2008 at 5:05 PM said...

"mental virgin"..... i like.