Dec 25, 2008

merry merry merry

Merry Christmas everyone...

Dec 13, 2008

finally it's over....


yup... finally... after all the 'forever car hunting'... FINALLY he made up his mind...

oh my.. the whole year he and his nonsense with cars and bikes... it's like changing clothes.. frankly I fed up already cos I have to do all the extra work.. like calling this calling that.. chase for that chase for this.. push that and push this.. eeeeee..... geramnye.... more work for me but that time I didn't really feel that bad or whatsoever cos it was supposed to be the 'IT'... the best thing was, after all settled and then used it for few months.. or few weeks la.. he decided to sell it off.. ish....

We've been to so many places to look for the right car and by word of mouth, he found one superb Honda CRX, which is one of his fav. car.. So, he got it and I love the Vtec sound. It made me want to tekaaan only... just to listen to the Vtec.. but I'm not sure why he got bored with it... so fast!

CRX only lasted about 3 weeks with us then he sold it off after he 'make up' the car... not bad huh... nice....

then come Mazda Interplay B8 - according to him.. it is the best! it's 4WD... engine bikin already.. all bodykit from mazda speed.. body is good.. wah... bukan main lagi la the testimonial for this 'bumblebee'..

Well, I drove it around sometimes... it felt good cos the engine is damn good, very smooth... but the car is very bumpy because of the suspension.. so... I kureng sikit with this one...

When he got this car.. it was APPLE GREEN!!!! goodness me.. from far I could see him coming already.. so.. hu ha hu ha... he spent 3K+ on the paint and then added more stuff on it.. this and that.. bla bla bla.... Voila! now Interplay is looking good.. as I mentioned before, I'm sooo occupied with his things.. ini la ni.. workshops all the time... luckily I'm ok with it.. eversince Interplay looking good.. alot of ppl asking about it.. some even offered good price on it cos this car is one of a kind.. VERY HARD to find.. the boys said "this car.. even if you have the money to buy also cannot buy cos hard to find.. it's like the legend.. same as Toyota Levin AE86" hmmm.... mana mana la...

I tell you.. this is how he manipulated me to get 'green light' with whatever car he's getting.. so I also syok already.. can tekan tekan at highway.. =D so it's good to go...

BUT it didn't last long... cos he got BORED with it already.... so... the car hunting started again...

- Nissan Latio Impul -
his excused this time...
"I want to get you nice car.. comfortable one.. relax.. no turbo turbo all...nice that.. I'll put nice bodykit then I'll paint black on it.. "

wah wah wah... so I also happy la.. cos no turbo?? that's a BIG yes yes... from outside it looks good but after went for test drive.... he said my face didn't look excited.. so... Latio is out..

Suzuki Swift Sport -
he said...
"Swift looks like Mini kan... cute that... after put bodykit.. the fella look fat fat..."

hmmm.... can la but I don't really like the interior. Mainly I'm not a suzuki fan but can la... Suzuki fever didn't last long cos I didn't get excited with it at all... so.. he also kureng with it.. so Swift out..

then.. went to Sunway.... somebody suggested Toyota Alphard...

I got shocked!
"U mad ah.. U want me to fetch the whole world is it?"

so... BIG no no...

BMW E39.. don't ask me what series.. I only know the code..

it's okla but the boys said too big for me... so... go round again... thanks to Motor Trader.. we have so many choices...

then Audi A4 Turbo with ori. bodykit

he prefers Audi than BMW.. so we didn't think much about the BMW.. he had Audi fever instead... EVERYDAY talked about it.. we even surveyed few places to check out what can he do with this Audi.. googled about it...


too bad the salesman took his sweet time to do what he's supposed to do and I almost lose my temper with the salesman.. bikin panas...

hmmm... check out the Audi... looks good right... inside so nice.. good condition but too bad we found the winner!!



Mini Cooper S

meet 'Eleanor'... yeah.. he named her that...
and that reminds me of his RX7 Efini - which he named it 'Maria'
but that was yearsss ago..

anyway... wee.... I love love loveeeee it! all is good with her... =D it was a show car before this, so they hardly use it on the road... that is why it's all fully done up.. dashboard changed to carbon fiber.. and added chrome frame for all meters.. =D and it comes with 17"inch Rims and added original bodykit imported from UK.. and and with sunroof... and and it's 6speed... wahh... meaning I can tekan tekan la.... ohh and and it's SUPERCHARGE engine.. Ohhh I'm soooo lovin' it!! the sound of the engine can make you go crazy with it... haiii... so nice one... heeeeee.....

it's been 2 days Eleanor with us...
yesterday we went to workshop to take out one of the silencer..
so now got some exhaust sound.. nice sound i tell you..
BUT the thing is......
I still don't have the guts to drive it
cos he gave me too many rules with it..

- Do not drive and dreaming
- Avoid holes
- Go slow with bumps

hmmm.... okla.. that's all for now..

Dec 10, 2008

down the drain


no offence but this book is reaaaaal good..
i mean it's really f-ing good GOOD!


the movie?? uh huh... yeah... the movie...?? you know....
the one that everyone talking about... and blog about....
the 'movie' of the year.....MY FOOT!

million times CRAP...


(Yup... that's right... hmmm... bite me!!)

that missy bella is like... 24/7 something stuck up her ass.. and that stupid gay edward is like... "ooo.. ur blood is sooo tasty i want to bite you... but waaait.. I'm in love w you.." 24/7! Ohhh no... "hey I'm strong.. lets go up the tree and stare at each know like "kuch-kuch hota hai"! or whatever you call it... O.M.G!!

It was soooo damn SLOW + BORING! I FELL ASLEEP!

seriously... It's soooo damn crap that
I can't even get the right word to say how crap it was...

RM20 ticket for this movie?? seriously??
damn.... what a joke

Dec 5, 2008

yesterday was ok...


Yesterday was an okay-day for me.. ngam ka tu?.. =P

first of all, as usual I have to send CK to work like EVERYDAY and almost EVERY MORNING I tension already cos I have to get up soooooooo f-early which I don't have to actually but yesterday.. I didn't feel that bad BAD. so..after sent her to Subang, I went back home straight, either I continue with la-la land on the bed.. or continue with my never-ending drawings. So, since I didn't fax to my client yesterday, I have no choice but to finish up with the office space planning and fax whatever I supposed to.

so.. planned this and that and played around with the furniture position... okla.. caaan la.. first proposal ma.. voila!! I'm done with it.. NEXT! *sigh...

Opened up another file to go through the plans one more time before I go for the plumbing appointment.. hmm... check check check. ok. good. all set! and then copied another set of drawings for the plumber. That time it was almost 11am. hehe.. I was kinda late actually... but its ok. =P I kautim already that one by calling them...

so... next thing... after showered & finished up my nescafe and at the same time I have to wake him up cos I knew that he planned to go to bike shop...

vsk: biii, wake up.. (in a very soft tone ah)
----silence----- then after 5min...

vsk: Biii, wake up.. (slightly louder w a lil bit shake)
----silence + some movement ---- (ish.. fed up!)

vsk: B!, WaaAkkKeeEe uuUuuUUuuP.... (w some opera style and very loud)
him: yaAaaAaaaAaaAaa....
----- then one eye opened and a morning smile... =D ----
him: make coffee..... pleaseeee
(silaka.... menyesal sia kasi bangun...ish..)

hmmm.... like that la my morning yesterday.. nothing special about it.. hehe...I mean if you're wondering what's my point... well...nothing la.. I'm just telling only.. *chuckled... I think its the weather.. it was cloudy... nice.. tidak panas.. tidak seeeejuk... just mood also ok sikit... and ohh no traffic jam... okla.. my POINT iiis... I'm not complaining or whining about my work la this time.. I mean I've mentioned several times about being lazy this and that... but stilllll, I do it what... =\ kan? whatever la..

okla.. it's 240am.. i'm going to hit the shower first then off to sleep... tomorrow is another day.. today la.. 5th Dec... =|

ok gudebai.. thank you for 'clicking2' me... hihihi...

Dec 3, 2008

i'm thinking about ***


*** CJ - he's in KJ washing car then going to Canai Subang..

(miss him already...)

*** stinky smell - bau asam asam.. sticky... oily... "opilit!!"
(hehe... just finished wash + polish his bike ba...
me re-charging now...
am going to hit the shower after this)

*** whether i should eat or not...
i had late lunch.. but dinner how??

(there's one more maggie mee downstairs.. hmmm....)

*** how to finish my work before 21st Dec..
and when to tell my client that i'm goin off to KK in 2weeks time

(hmmm... sigh)

***my a/c... when can I call them to service it..
everyday out to site..

(fed up... sooooo panas)

*** where to 'sonsong' him when we reach KK
(sigh... that's why la you all... pencuri bilik!!!! so not fair.. ish)

*** what to do this saturday
(watch twilight.. & arrios - "country sausage".. sedaaaaaap)

*** si grace.. dia sudah call ka tu ah..

*** omg!! I forgot I supposed to fax the plan today!!

*** I'm sooo lazy to do work.. I want to youtube-ing and
sing like nobody business

(yeah yeah.. like you don't do right...don't laugh...)

*** ish benci sia banyak kerja

*** I want to watch my movies.. too many to watch till I don't know which one to watch first.. everytime buy only but never watch...
SK.. are you done with the "my best friend's gf" or something...

*** I can't wait for... hmmm.. what ah.. KK yes.. Christmas yes.. ahh my bday.. wahh.. I'm gonna be 28 liao.. weird.. how come I don't feel old OLD one.. I think because I have too many elder siblings.. So I don't feel that bad...
( wait till 30 la.. damn.. meaning next year 29 la..
oh no... what do i do now??
having own biz ok ka that?
is that consider "something"?? whatever la ah..)

*** when I'm gonna do this Confirmation Class... ??
I wonder BIG TIME..

(actually i can go now la.. malas ba.. malas... see la how..)

*** me getting darker and darker and darker.. bloody hell!!
(i hate i hate i hate... koto.. kenapa la...)

*** dying my hair.. wonder if BK can do or not.. hmm... ??

*** the Christmas List.. wonder where I put it...
(not sure whether can kautim all of it or not.. apa kata sia blanja roti kawin..?? for xmas.. can ah? hehehe... of course for the grown up ones la.. the babies lain kira..ermm.. coffee bean? ok's not cheapskate ok.. i scared no time only..)

*** gee.. so many things to settle oneee..

*** after this take shower and do work..
after one gula gula... =P

*** me thinking too much...

*** tomorrow I have to go to site again..
bloody plumbing works!!

(fed up nyeeee...)

*** the 3D drawings.. when la gonna finish..

okla... that's all la... soooo smelly one...

*** I love love love Jaci Velasquez - I Get On My Knees...
(u never check it out kan..? lain o...)

Dec 2, 2008

if only i could do all these....

yeah yeah i know... "youtube again????" hehe... it's ok what...

these are happening shit i tell you.... better check it out...

hmmm.... now how to compete them... this is TMTH!!

Dec 1, 2008




i see you people... don't be late to fetch me.... heeeeeee

Nov 29, 2008

something for today...

Jesus (the way)
by Jaci Velasquez

Often, I am taken by the World
It sneaks up on me
But, eventually, You draw me back
To form this clay into a masterpiece
Oh, in spite of me
You see beauty

And Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
Your mercy's new every day
When my heart cries out
All it can say is
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus

You direct the path that seems astray
Assuring us that we will find the way
Help us find the way

Often I am shaken by your love
Oh it releases me
From the bondage of my sin
And through the cross
adopted by your grace
You'll never turn your face
Never turn your face


Nov 25, 2008

quick one...

you know what happened just now...

i was sooo hungry like gila babi hungry... so i called him up and asked for food... too bad... jantan memang keberet! so.. i decided to get some maggie w egg + chilli.. lots of them... (nasib ada) ohh.. i didn't go out makan cos i have one stupid quotation need to finish up and fax and fax .. ish.. no life like that....

anyway... after 5min. maggie mee is ready to be eaten.. and then as usual.. my usual eating place is where i do my work.. in my room, depan computer. ngam ngam the contractor called me up and said he's gonna give me the pricing on the phone straight.. sooooo.... while carrying the bowl panas panas... and talking on the phone.. and walking up the stairs... i dunno what happened... teeeeeersilap que...

DAMMIT!!! i fell so hardJustify Full.... eeeeeeeeee....... the next thing i did...

"ermm... ahkeong ah... saya call u balik ah... ada masalah sikit..."

cilaka.... the bowl broke into two... maggie mee all over the stairs... my neck kena the soup.. panas panas... my left knee hit dunno what... my forehead kena dinding... punya main sakit!!!! babi babi babi!!!! at the same time... i held my phone VERY TIGHT... eeeee nasiiiib. gila you.. if that one jatuh and kena maggie mee... pengsan!!! nasiiiiiib.... but the pouch basah habis! =P

ohh another thing... when i fell, i paused for few sec. just to get my mind clear what just happened.. and then kan... si CK!! she was at the living area... i think she laugh first then only she came up to check me out... and laughed her heart out.. you know like when you really laugh until got no sound...?? like that la she.... ish... diaaaa la ni.... putting things everywhere around the house.. all of sudden got hanger at the stairs... weird right!!! or maybe..... she wants some of the maggie mee... i dunno... but kurang asam!!

so after cleaning up the mess.... i have to do everything all over again... and now... i'm full... not FULL la.. just nice... hmm.... i just realized i've never fell so hard like that for such a loooooong time... years maybe... *thinking when was the last time...

well...the moral of the story kan..... next time go out and order only... skip all this nonsense...

Nov 24, 2008


Yoga is haram in Islam

PUTRAJAYA: The National Fatwa council has declared that the yoga practice which involves three elements of physical movements, worshipping and chanting as haram (prohibited) in Islam.

Its chairman Datuk Dr Abdul Shukor Husin said although merely doing the physical movements of yoga minus the worshipping and chanting might not be wrong in the eyes of the religion, it should be avoided as “doing one would lead to another”.

Nov 23, 2008

hey people...

i don't have time to update what's been goin on w me lately...
i have pictures to share with you but i can't find the memory card reader.. so... postpone on that.

although i don't have time to update update..but i have time for youtube...
hehe so i click here and there and i found this.. this is one of my favourite..

dengar la... kau suka ni.... ish....

"Adore" by Jaci Velasquez

From the moment you opened my eyes
I have seen the world in a different light
From the dawn to the setting sun
I am overwhelmed
By all that you have done

Adore, adore, adore
Jesus I adore you,
Yes I adore,
Adore, adore, adore
Jesus, I adore you
And I lay my life before you, o lord

Theres a union of two becoming one
Deep inside my heart
I know that I belong
You have given everything to me
The least that I can do
Is give it back to you

And all I am and ever will be
Is for you, lord
And everything within me cries

Adore, adore, adore
Jesus, I adore you,
Yes I adore you
And I lay my life before you
Adore, adore, adore, adore, adore
Jesus, I adore you

And I lay my life before you
I long to love and adore you
I lay my life before you, o lord
I adore you

you should check these out too at youtube...

imagine me without you
on my knees

lovely songs for you... especially for those yang pemalas go to church... =P

Nov 18, 2008


got awarded la pula... i wonder why they have this.. apa la?
but ok la... at least something posted for today...
who knows.. one day they will have one in cash... =P
don't worry.. i have that in my "law of attraction".. one day will happen..

so... thanks to NanC ...
apa kata i trade in w this award w one of your best dishes in Grazie...
hehehe.. eiseh.... and thanks to Grace also...
actually I don't think this blog is the coolest... all just whining this and that...
my stories are very the sad one... and very the boring one...
everytime SK said "apa la...?" hehehe...
owell... there goes the award...

Butterfly Award
For the coolest blog i ever know.

Once accepted, the rules would be as follows:
1. Put the logo on your blog;
2. Add a link to the person who awarded you;
3. Nominate 10 other blogs; (semua sudah ada gia tu...)
4. Add links to those blogs on yours;
5. Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs;

i know one person that always tag tag me...
u should check out her blog..
she has a lot of good stories


Nov 16, 2008

"make it happen"

if you like
"save the last dance"
or "step up"
or anything to do with dance...
this... you should watch it too..

Nov 12, 2008



wahh.... i don't blog u all also never check me out here ah....
so terrible oneee.....

well... so many things goin on lately and i've been busy w him most of the time and w my new project that I don't know when it's gonna end... mmm.... not busy la... just fully occupied....

about my last post.. yup. lost my phone.. and what to do la.. whoever got it damnnnnnnn untung la... bloody swine!!!!! ishhhhhh.... whatever la!!

so after kena bising this and that from him.... bla bla bla..... and more bla bla bla.... for few days I live without hp.... hehehe NO ONE can get me... (of course except CJ SK & CK) NO CALLS... wahhhh damnnnn siok... no errands.. no favors... no questions... quiettttt only... hehehe... then he also couldn't stand it any longer cos most of the impo. numbers are with me..

"you got this fella's number ah..."
"give me.."
"ohh... i lost it.. remember?? but i have the back up...."
"i have the back up.. meaniiiing.. I.. need.. the.. set.. to get it from the back up.."
(hehehe..... )
"ooooooooo... very smart u ah.."
"hihihi.... eeee... nvm... (sigh) I don't need one also... who wants to call me also long as u know where am i... and u see me... i see u... enough already... loooooove my baby"
(of course w my most innocent face)
"yeah... true true.."
(alaaaaaaaaaaaa...... =\ eeeeeeeeeeeee)

then the next day... i spent the whole day with him... went to workshops... teh tarik session... workshops again... and then to bike shops... then car wash.... bike wash.... then teh tarik session... its all boys stuff la...
then after dinner... he said....

"come go lowyatt... after this u keep it nicely ah... don't be careless like u always do... don't simply chuck here and there.... "
(hmmm... apalagi... smile on my face la...)

so i got the same model.... and i thank to those ppl yang batu api lagi... everytime have to mention it back to him...
naaaaanti kamu ah.... like si SK....

"why u got her new one.... i got one....can sell cheap cheap" (silaka..... )
and then kan.... after sometimes... she still continued lagi tu....
"so... after this no birthday present la... and no christmas present..."
(eeeeeeeeee....... punya main macam taiii.... babi!)
but.... it's ok.... sia diam diam only... masuk kiri keluar kanan....
afterall he'll be w me in KK this dec... soooo...that can be my xmas present... mean alot to me... so... people... jadi ah.. we go island... and kundasang... and then kan.... apalagi ah the plan??

ok... enough about what had happened the last 2 weeks...

apalagi ah....

hmmmm..... i want to post my work here... but its all 2D now...
pening kepala u all nanti tidak faham..
nanti la when can see something then i post here... now, i'm doin a modern contemporary balinese design concept on 4storeys semi-bungalow... i also dunno how to do... but hantam sajala.. do more research and more thinking... cannn la...
must have some confidence right...

okla... till then... rajin rajin la u all click click me ah...

ooo before i go... another request....
don't go to HRC without me ah... it's OPEN!!!!!!!!!
if u girls wanna go... let me know...
and I shall start do my 'thing'... line must clear!
andddddd tonight I'm going to musical play w C!! weeepeeeeee.......
hehehe... she got free ticket from office....
wahhhh this is "law of attraction" this!

Nov 5, 2008



i'm soooooo happy....

i kena sayang sayang some more... hihihi....

sooooo happy.......


okla... need to finish up my drawings....

Nov 2, 2008

sob sob



I'M SO SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I CAN'T BREATHE!!!!!!!!!!!!



bloodyhell!! stupid stupid stupid!!


can u feeeeeeel me???



Nov 1, 2008

u think we don't know...


Sex menus in massage shops

BUKIT MERTAJAM: News of traditional massage parlours offering “additional services” raised eyebrows at the Seberang Prai Municipal Council meeting.

“My friends who went to a few parlours for normal massages were shocked when the masseuse asked if they wanted extra services.

“Apart from locals, many masseuse are young women from China and neighbouring countries,” councillor Teoh Seang Hooi told the meeting yesterday. (cont.)

being hard...

why do i have to give a shit about E.VER.Y.THING!!

leave me alone. don't ask me anything. i dunno. and i don't care.

seriously.... don't ask me anything...

so what if i'm the biatch here...

I don't care!

Oct 28, 2008

u like stand up comedy?

Anjelah Nicole Johnson

she's good...

released in 2007...

one of my top 5 bedtime movie selection

watched it this morning around 4am.... I love love it....

the readings...

"next few years" - "sleeping" - "push"

hihihihi.... u understand ah??


Oct 27, 2008

break time...

- @ uncle lim's -

i wish....


I don't know what to do...

I don't know what's in your mind...

I don't know what is next...

why is it so difficult...

I can't breathe...

I wish I knew what to do with you...

I wish I could read your mind...

I wish I knew what's next...

I wish it could be simpler...

still can't breathe...

Oct 25, 2008

my saturday morning...


I went to bed this morning around 5am. Yeah.. Late huh.. well, I'm used to it. working late! Of all the time, ideas always come around this hour like nobody business.

anyway... i fell asleep as soon as i laid on my fav. spot.. then… not long after that. I think I HEARD my alarm..? or my ringtone..?? hmmm not sure coz I was in my la-la-land..

Wokey, so I got up at 10:57am. The alarm just couldn’t leave me in peace! Ok Ok! Turned it off! Stop snoozing already!!

Few minutes later, AGAIN! Eeeeee…. W.T.F!

Ok FINE! I’m soooooo awake now! Checked out my pda. Hmmm… missed call at 6am. hmmm... It’s 11:15am now.. why would they call me around this hour? 6am is sooo early for breakfast right….?? Then i started to worry coz I know that they went clubbing in KL last night..

So I returned the call immediately.. wokey.. no answer… then called the hubby… hmmm… no answer.. my heart started to race even faster.. nevermind, I rang another very close friend. He’s always with them anyway. Damn.. there’s no answer too. Wokey…. Eeeeee what happened!! so I text her instead. And 20 minutes later. She called back.

“hey V. I’m in Uni hospital.”


DF, DB and CF got into accident this morning around 430am in KL. No, they were not drunk. They were *longkai-ing around KL before heading to Subang after late supper and they were extremely slow like 40km/hr. It was 4:30am, not many cars around. In fact, their's were the only car at that time it happened so fast, out of nowhere a car from the opposite street lost control, turned 360 and BAM!! Head to head. DB was driving and tried to avoid (of course) and DF, a big size guy was at the backseat and during the accident, he flew to the front and hit the dashboard and CF was unconscious due to the hard impact from DF. I think. Apparently they said that the unknown lady driver was feeling sleepy… hmmm…. sure or not…? well.. I dunno la… I always drive sleepy but if I really can’t help it. I'd stop at the side of the road oooor any petrol station.. ALWAYS! or simply 're-charge' myself.. =P

Owell… thank God everybody is ok. No serious injuries. The boys were discharged on the same day.

Haiyaaaa…. What luck this month… damn U october..

*longkai - driving around to check out if there's any accident coz they're in the towing car "activity"

"P.S I love you"

i cried and cried and cried everytime I watch this

ohhh.... how i heart them

Oct 24, 2008

"the accidental husband"


jeffrey dean morgan

u like him??

then watch him here...

two thumbs up from me!!

too advance sometimes... but silly


Youth, Sex and doing business
by D.Z
"It was halfway through the soiree when two young women appeared at our tiny table. We initiated small talk but they looked at us blankly.

A newly-made male acquaintance whispered to me that the two young women were 16 years old, and were there to look for rich boyfriends. No, they were not working girls. They went to a school nearby.

The two butterflies then moved on to flit on a more prosperous table, filled with laughter and cigar smoke. In a matter of minutes, they were well acquainted with the men.

Women hunting for rich men as husbands or paramours are nothing new. Growing up, there were a few girls in class who aspired to be that: wives of rich men.

But still, as I sat in a corner, observing the two young women, whiling their youth away, as they flirted with the men, and were grabbed at by their newfound companions, I wondered to myself, why, why weren’t these girls at home?"
read more here @ the star

*if it's my children... I'll give one HUGE thundering slap...

Oct 23, 2008

everything is ok now...


hehe... yes... everything is ok now. Normal la.. skejap ok..skejap tak ok...what a relationship huh... As usual, I created the problem coz it's too calm. So I said something stupid and made them fed up and now I might be going home (KK) alone this Christmas.. hmmm… maybe.... not confirm though. Still can kautim on that. I was just wondering ma.. so now... hmmm.... dunno.. see how it goes.. eeeeee that is why I didn't want to create a blog.. I tend to expose all this kind of shits.

Anyway, two days ago daddy was in town. I can’t remember the last time I saw him, I miss him so much. So excited, not sure about SK and CK coz they went back home last month. When we finally reached Seri Pac., KL around 8pm something, (Rain + 7pm = Jam giler) first thing first, daddy asked “ok. mana ada babi sini?” hihihi…. see… before that, when we were getting ready at home, we asked each other where to makan. I was very sure daddy wants to go to his fav. restaurant and these two girls said go for bahkuteh.. hmm…. (Tu la kamu tidak percaya sia… )

So we went there, “Oversea something Restaurant”. It took us about half an hour to reach there. After turning to every familiar exit coz now, almost every jalan in KL is ONE WAY! Stupid shit! Ok back to the restaurant….. We makan la. Unfortunately, no pictures coz we were sooo hungry. No time to snap-snap. (Hmmm too bad dude) Two thumbs up for the dinner! Well, they never disappoint me. Myself and daddy even ordered each another bowl of rice (BIG one), licin lagi tu.. haiya..never gain also!! Dammit!! and then.. the rest of the stories, what else but to gossip!.. (hehehe…ONLY family matters) yeah sometimes I’m surprised that daddy actually noticed all those stuff that happens in the house.. He diam diam… limpang limpang… actually he’s observing.. So.. pandai pandai la kamu ah..

Then while eating, daddy received a call, his friend finally called up after few hours he waited at the hotel for a meeting. Eeeee…. I actually swallowed whatever I can... And then, thought the rain has stopped. NO. Even worse! Luckily we brought umbrella with us. I was a lil “stressed up” (kononnya la) coz we basically have to FLY back to Seri Pac. Thinking which exit to follow... Jalan Bukit Bintang to Jalan Sultan Ismail.. hehehe… yeah yeah… for years in KL but it doesn’t mean I know all the roads here and not forgetting they’ve changed certain route to one way street.. so one more time.. stupid shit!! But luckily I remembered coz CJ showed me a few times where to go. Heeeeee…… but still I entered the wrong way. Boo hoo!!

“Nooo…this way to go back to Beach Club.. now we have to go back to HardRock… so it’s the other way… “

haiya…. OK fine! I made one BIG round + with the jam and traffic lights.. (eeeeee bikin panas) but it’s ok… focus focus.. then we’re back at the same spot, this time everything is ok… until we passed HardRock which is still under renovation.. =\ (but that's beside the point)

“eh.. which traffic light already?”

“not this one..the next next one…” then tekan minyak some more la...speeding all the way...celup left and right..

“ok..this one ah?..”

“mmm….. wait ah.. “ but I already reached at the end of the traffic light! I slowed down at green light.. and OMG! I main turning only!!! It’s a ONE WAY street! And GREEN LIGHT… cars were coming from the opposite direction! OMG! Well… here I'm exaggerating la.. it wasn’t that scary shit! But in my heart actually I'm bitching to myself.. coz I knew I made a mistake.. thank God the car slowed down and even if they're bitching at me.. I won't get to hear it... hehehe… if it were me.. I would've said “stupid bitch!”and honk like nobody's business

Ok. It’s not over yet.. well, we survived. Then we went straight, and....

“hmm…. damn.. I think it’s the next traffic light…” *chuckle

Ohh… daddy and CK diam diam only… or mumbling.. SK and I were busy finding the way.

“ok. Go left here..then go right there..” so I turned here and turned there..

“hmm… next? I think it’s this way…”

“I’m not sure… maybe… hmmm…” so I just turned..

“u sure it’s correct?”

“yes.. see the hotel there right in front of us.. now how to go there..”

“hihihi…so far yet so near… eh terbalik… so near yet so far…”

“dunno… we'll find the way…”

Muahahhahaha… we reached our destination after 10 minutes than originally planned.. oopsie… sian daddy… hahahahha… we’ve been to these places like thousand times.. masih tidak ingat ingat! O.M.G!

As usual, we opted for valet parking… hihihi… All are continental cars!!! Ours is the only Myvi there... sedihhhhnya.. nasib baik SK ada cuci kereta...

So, next mission, where to “re-charge”?? Obviously we couldn't go to lobby coz that’s where daddy will be with his friends. Outside? Hmmm too many familiar faces. So up to 13th floor then. In the lift, we’re like “wahhh…wah….” (like sakaion) Coz we could see everything outside on the way up. Which is cool.

Ok. In the room. Hmmm…. Nice.. but the window was locked. So.. last option have to re-charge at the lift lobby. Hehehe… we planned if anybody came, we would act like we’re waiting for the lift. Hihihihi….. and we noticed there’s a camera at the corner, so I waved... =P

Ok. Re-charged! Back to the room again….

this is what happened when there's no parental units

as usual... she's always ready with her pose...

snapped snapped snapped

weird... Seri Pac., KL doesn't have a mini bar.... how come ah.. so...we limpang limpang.....

(ape tu limpang limpang... baring baring la....)


ok la. finish... then 12am something balik.... sob sob...

so long one.....